8 Information That Made These 2018 Grammy Awards Looks

ESC: Best Accessories, Janelle Monae


In order to standout on the Grammy Awards 2018 red carpet, a gorgeous gown or match wasn’t enough.

Much like a singer requires backup vocalists, celebrities required supporting functions to take their want to the next level. Devices, like brooches, hats and precious jewelry, assisted to link the primary garment (such as a dress) to a finished appearance that resonated with the star and audiences. They likewise permitted the stars to individualize their appearance, including things that reveal their interests and taste.

While the most popular device of the night was the white rose, a sign of assistance for the Time’s Up Movement, there were a variety of distinct clothing additions that will influence your closet. From Janelle Monáe‘s barrettes to Cardi B‘s diamonds, these information changed their ensembles from from simple official outfit to remarkable appearances that will last the test of time.

Check out the information you might have missed out on from the Grammys red carpet above!

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