A Fourth Man Has Died Seeking the Buried Treasure of an Eccentric Millionaire

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On Monday, Montana TELEVISION station KULR 8 reported that it had actually gotten a report composed by Yellowstone Park authorities suggesting that 53- year-old Jeff Murphy, who vanished on June 8 in the park and whose body was discovered the following day, mistakenly was up to his death while looking for a gold mine that millionaire Forrest Fenn states is buried someplace in the Rocky Mountains.

The occurrence report states that “it appears [Murphy] stepped or hopped into the chute from the less steep slope above,” and goes on to make clear that his deadly fall was a mishap.

In 2010, the 86- year-old antiquarians Forrest Fenn (the best name for a terrainical millionaire) revealed he ‘d concealed a bronze chest of treasure worth about $2 million, and left a poem with ideas towards discovering it.

Over the years he’s exposed a couple of more tips, the Washington Post reports, however primarily exactly what’s occurred is that countless individuals have actually hung out and resources searching for the treasure, and none are richer for it, and, above all, 4 guys, consisting of Murphy, have actually supposedly passed away looking for it.

To his critics, who state Fenn’s witch hunt has actually messed up lives and is most likely a scam anyhow, the “eccentric” millionaire has actually supposedly responded that outside sports provide a fundamental threat. I can not think of anybody making that declaration about this circumstance other than from a velour armchair (into which he’s deeply situated) in a dark space packed with animal head prizes and fireplaces that exist simply to ponder.

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