A List of Things Betsy DeVos Doesn’t Know, According to Betsy DeVos

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Education Secretary and billionaire conservative donor Betsy DeVos took a seat for an interview with Lesley Stahl on 60 Minutes last night, and it’s not totally clear that she has a much better understanding of the nation’s education system than she did at her verification hearing, when she recommended that schools in locations like Wyoming require more weapons to ward off grizzly bears.

DeVos, who was simply designated as the head of a brand-new commission on “school safety,” thinks equipping instructors is a choice that states should think about, although she likewise informed Stahl that she has problem envisioning her very first grade instructor with a weapon. Yes– DeVos, a living suggestion that abstract concepts lining up with one’s extreme ideologies do not always operate in reality, has actually continued to heroically prevent putting two-and-two together. Rather, she selects huge smiles and warmly duplicating the word “choice” over and over once again.

Here is a list of things Education Secretary Betsy DeVos does not care to comprehend.

How to avoid school shootings:

LESLEY STAHL: Do you feel a sense of seriousness?


LESLEY STAHL: Because this seems like talking.

BETSY DEVOS: No, there is a sense of seriousness.

How the general public school system is doing nationally:

BETSY DEVOS: We have actually invested billions and billions and billions of dollars from the federal level and we have actually seen no outcomes.


LESLEY STAHL: But that truly isn’t really real. Test ratings have actually increased over the last 25 years. Why do you keep stating absolutely nothing’s been achieved?

BETSY DEVOS: Well in fact, test ratings vis-à-vis the remainder of the world have actually not increased, and we have actually continued to be middle of the pack at finest. That’s simply not appropriate.

LESLEY STAHL: No, it’s not appropriate, however it’s much better than it was, that’s the point.


How public schools are carrying out in Michigan, her house state:

BETSY DEVOS: We ought to be investing and moneying in trainees, not in school structures, not in organizations, not in systems–


LESLEY STAHL: Okay, however exactly what about the kids who are back at the school that’s not working? Exactly what about those kids?

BETSEY DEVOS: Well, in locations where there have actually been, where there is a lot of option that’s been presented, Florida for example, the research studies reveal that when there’s a big number of trainees that choose to go to a various school or various schools, the standard public schools, in fact, the outcomes get much better.

LESLEY STAHL: Has that taken place in Michigan? We’re in Michigan, this is your house state.


BETSY DEVOS: Michi– yes, well, there’s great deals of fantastic alternatives and options for trainees here–

LESLEY STAHL: Have the general public schools in Michigan improved?

BETSY DEVOS: Uh, I have no idea in general, I cannot state general that they have actually all improved.


LESLEY STAHL: The entire state is refraining from doing well.

BETSY DEVOS: Well, there are definitely great deals of pockets where the trainees are succeeding–


LESLEY STAHL: But your argument that if you take funds away the schools will improve [laughs] is not operating in Michigan, where you had a substantial effect and impact over the instructions of the school system here.

BETSY DEVOS: I are reluctant to discuss all schools in basic, since schools are comprised of specific trainees attending them.

LESLEY STAHL: The public schools here are doing even worse than they did.

BETSY DEVOS: Michigan schools have to do much better, there is no doubt about it.

What an underperforming school in Michigan appears like:

LESLEY STAHL: Have you seen the truly bad schools? Possibly aim to find out exactly what they’re doing?


BETSY DEVOS: I have not, I have actually not purposefully checked out schools that are underperforming.

LESLEY STAHL: Maybe you should.

BETSY DEVOS: Maybe I should, yes.

Why she is the most resented cabinet secretary:

LESLEY STAHL: Why have you end up being, individuals state, the most resented cabinet secretary?

BETSY DEVOS: I’m not so sure how precisely that took place, however I believe there are a great deal of truly effective forces lined up versus modification.


Whether black kids are penalized disproportionally in schools:

BETSY DEVOS: Arguably, all this boils down to specific kids–

LESLEY STAHL: Well no, it’s not–

BETSY DEVOS: It does boil down to specific kids–


BETSY DEVOS: And it typically boils down to– I am dedicated to making sure that trainees have a chance to find out in an environment that contributes to their knowing.


LESLEY STAHL: Do you see this disproportion in discipline for the very same offense as institutional bigotry?

BETSY DEVOS: We’re studying it thoroughly and are dedicated to making sure trainees have chance to find out in safe and nurturing environments.

Screenshot: CBS News


If you’re planning to begin your week with a light headache and a really deep gratitude for Lesley Stahl, you can enjoy the complete interview here.

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