A Married Donald Trump As soon as Tried To Get Christie Brinkley On His Non-public Jet

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In his river of desires.

Most of Christie Brinkley‘s life has been politely dodging males’s advances as she quietly dies on the within, however now, she’s carried out being discreet about her icky encounters with males!

Effectively, one man particularly: Donald Trump, who the supermodel says as soon as tried to hit on her again within the 1980s when he was married.

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In an interview with PORTER journal, the 64-year-old mentioned Trump was “out chasing skirts” when he known as her on the Plaza Resort in New York Metropolis and provided to fly her to Aspen, Colorado in his personal jet.

On the time, the businessman was married to Ivana Trump and Brinkley was courting Billy Joel – in fact, neither romantic impediment was a problem for Donny. The supermodel continued:

“My phone rings and this guy goes, ‘Hey, Christie, it’s The Donald.’ I say, ‘Hi, Billy,’ because I was dating Billy at the time. But the voice goes, ‘No, no. It’s The Donald!’ So I say, ‘What’s up?’ And he says, ‘I hear you’re leaving for Aspen tomorrow. I am too. I’d like to give you a ride on my private jet.'”

No stranger to slimy pickup traces, Brinkley knew precisely what Trump’s supply meant:

“I knew he was married, and there he was asking me to go on his plane. He was kind of flirty about it. He was out chasing skirts.”

The Uptown Lady turned down the supply, however not with no little persistence from the future-president:

“So I reply, ‘Thank you, but I have already arranged my flights.’ ‘So cancel them!’ was his response, and I say, ‘No, thank you. I’m going with friends.'”

Dodged a micropenis bullet there!

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The supermodel additionally revealed that she’s had dinner with Trump earlier than and located him to be “smarmy,” explaining:

“I’ve always found him smarmy, as in, ‘Watch out, part the waves, the rich people are coming, everything is gold, solid 24-carat gold, the best, the greatest, nobody else has more gold on anything in their house than me. Did you bring a brush? Let’s gold-leaf it!'”

Yuck. We will truly hear him saying all these issues in that haunting nasally voice.

No actually, it is not going away. Make it cease!

As for why the bombshell is revealing this story now, Brinkley merely mentioned:

“I’m done being discreet.”

Ain’t all of us, sister.

[Picture through Rob Wealthy/Gisele Tellier/Future Picture/WENN.]

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