Alicia Vikander kicks butt in video for K.Flay’s Tomb Raider tune ‘Run for Your Life’

screenshot 2018 03 05 12 10 38 - Alicia Vikander kicks butt in video for K.Flay's Tomb Raider tune 'Run for Your Life'

A bad-ass heroine requires a similarly bad-ass soundtrack– and K.Flay is not ready to leave Lara Croft hanging.

The alt-rock/hip-hop vocalist, who was the only female chosen in the rock classifications at the 2018 Grammys, is providing the renowned Tomb Raider character a brand-new signature tune with “Run for Your Life,” whose high-energy video is premiering on EW today.

“It’s so exciting, especially because the film centers on such a strong female character,” K.Flay informs EW about ending up being a part of the movie, which strikes theaters March 16 and stars Alicia Vikander in the function as soon as played by Angelina Jolie. “I really connected with that sense of independence in the movie. The song is about doing everything in your power to survive when the odds are stacked against you, when people doubt you, when you’ve been left behind. Instead of cowering, you rise up.”

And while the “Blood in the Cut” vocalist isn’t really leaping through ruins the method Vikander performs in the movie’s trailer, shooting the “Run for Your Life” clip– which includes video from the motion picture– needed her to perspire, too.

“For me, the video was all about capturing the energy and emotion of the song,” states K.Flay, who likewise starts the 2nd leg of her U.S. trip today. “One of the reasons I like video shoots is that you get to reimagine the song in a physical, corporeal way.”

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