American Idol Judges Plan To REALLY Soften Their Rejections This Season: ‘In The Past There Was … Taking Advantage Of People’

american idol judges  oPt - American Idol Judges Plan To REALLY Soften Their Rejections This Season: 'In The Past There Was ... Taking Advantage Of People'

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Is it simply us, or do a LOT of individuals see American Idol to see the ridiculous wanna-be entrants declined early in the first episodes ??

Because if Katy Perry‘s current remarks are to be thought, it sure seem like this season’s American Idol judges– Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie— are going to alter things up in a MAJOR method!

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In an interview with People about how the trio’s evaluating designs will stumble upon on TELEVISION this season, Perry dropped the bomb about the group’s objective to let individuals down quickly (listed below):

“It’s very constructive criticism. Personally, I’m a straight shooter. I’m very cut and dry sometimes. You know it seems a little not soft — I do try and watch myself because I do know how it feels to be in their shoes. I was in their shoes 10 years ago. I remind myself and I’m reminded and I’m inspired by all of their stories. I know it wasn’t an overnight success for me; it’s not going to be for them. They still have a long way to go. We’re really real with them.”

Hmmm …

So perhaps this discusses why there had the ability to pull down Kelly Ripa so carefully when SHE experimented with for Idol this weekend?! Ha!!!

Perry included the kicker, too (listed below):

“We really encourage them. There’s no dismissing and just sending off and saying, ‘You suck.’ That’s not how we roll. I think in the past there was some of that and maybe taking advantage of people; their actual skill sets for comedy. We don’t do that anymore but we still laugh just as much.”

Seriously, though … do y’ all believe it’s going to be too sugary-sweet on American Idol this year?!

The funny becomes part of exactly what made that program! Since he wasn’t good to entrants!!!

, Simon Cowell ended up being an over night feeling in America merely.


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