Approaching Superhero Movie Release Dates: From 2018 to 2022

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Last Updated: March 3rd

There’s no rejecting that the most popular category around nowadays is the superhero film. Christopher Nolan‘s Dark Knight Trilogy showed that comics adjustments might be simply as heavy and remarkable as non-genre movies, Marvel Studios boosted an enormous interconnected series of superhero films that were considerably more vibrant and amusing, and audiences have actually been ending up to both sort of superhero movies in droves. With almost every significant studio now working to turn its own comics residential or commercial properties into the next huge thing, and with Marvel Studios and Warner Bros. outlining out half a years’s worth of product, it’s in some cases difficult to keep an eye on exactly what’s coming out when, who’s in it, and how it suits the general photo. Not to fret, however, since we here at Collider have you covered.

Below, you’ll discover a detailed guide of superhero film release dates for each significant comics adjustment on the calendar, going all the method approximately the year2020 We’ll be upgrading this guide frequently with the most existing details, so if you’re ever at a loss for when precisely Captain Marvel is expected to be in theaters, you can come right back here for a fast refresher.

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