Bethenny Frankel and Fredik Eklund’s Realty Marital relationship Gets Rocky: “Is This Really Something I Want?”

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Friends and service, the ideal formula for success … or catastrophe. Appears like Bethenny Frankel and Fredrik Eklund will find out that the difficult method. In E! News’ special sneak peek of Bethenny and Fredrik, the 2 truth stars appear to have actually struck a rough spot in their realty venture.

“I have a very big issue with you criticizing me,” Fredrik states.

“I just think you’re a little defensive. I just want to make sure you’re totally engaged. I know you’re very busy,” Bethenny responds in the clip above.

Construction is presently underway for Fredrik and Bethenny and the 3rd episode of their series sees the set on the look for their next financial investment residential or commercial property. Fredrik’s option of jobs and upcoming travel strategies make Bethenny question the stability of their brand-new endeavor.

“Fredrik pursued me, he asked me to marry him in real estate life, and I accepted. And now he’s not backing up any of his vows,” Bethenny states in a confessional.

The 2 have it out on a New York City street (where most arguments happen when you’re residing in the city), triggering Fredrik to actually consider their plan.

“Is this really something I want?” he states in his confessional.

Ahead of the best episode, E! News talked with Bethenny and Fredrik about the brand-new program and how it came together.

“This happened because we were already doing real estate and I was supposed to do another show about business. And I spoke to Bravo and said ‘This is happening now. I’m buying apartments, I’m selling apartments, we’re talking about doing something together. Just turn the cameras on,'” Bethenny informed E! News. “So it sort of just happened. But not easily. it was a difficult show to make. You have two big personalities.”

Bethenny and Fredrik airs Tuesdays, 10 p.m. on Bravo.

( E! and Bravo are both part of the NBCUniversal household.)

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