Big Brother: Ramses says Paul ‘has the entire house convinced he’s on their side’

110728 d169 - Big Brother: Ramses says Paul 'has the entire house convinced he's on their side'

Twenty-one year old Ramses Soto became the latest pawn to be blindsided out of the Big Brother house when he was evicted last week. We caught up with the cosplay artist to ask about his time in the house and what went wrong. (Also make sure to read our latest Q&A with host Julie Chen.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So, Ramses, what went wrong? Why do you think the house voted for Josh to stay instead of you?
RAMSES SOTO: Josh has a huge target on his back, which means as long as he’s in the game it means one more week of safety for everyone else. He has also vocalized his hate for Jody which is also Paul’s target, and when Paul wants something done, he’ll have his minions to help.

Who did you expect to keep you in the house that now you believe voted against you?
At first I thought that the votes to keep me were going to be Marlena, Maven, Kevin, Cody, Jason. But on eviction day, I got the feeling the only votes I truly had were Marlena and Cody.

What did you do once you went on the block to try and turn the tide in your favor? What was your campaigning strategy?
I definitely had multiple points I told Jessica so she understood it would make no sense to put me up in the first place. If she wanted Josh out she would have put someone that has a guaranteed 0 votes to evict, like Kevin. I also had post veto comp conversations with her expressing that I could get blindsided, but the ultimate decision was obviously up to her. I also boosted my social game up. Especially with Maven. I had multiple conversations with every houseguest after noms and after veto, and with their responses I felt “somewhat” safe.

You told Julie that Paul was running the show in the house. Do you think he is the player to beat and do you think anyone can beat him?
He’s an amazing player. He has the entire house convinced he’s on their side.  I truly thought that me and Jody could have taken him out since we were the only people to really see him as a threat since day one.

If you could go back and change one thing about your game and time in the house, what would it be?
I would have campaigned even more than I did to Jessica after veto even though she was telling me I’d be safe on that Thursday.

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