Brad Pitt Bids 6-Figures at Auction for ‘Game of Thrones’ Viewing with Emilia Clarke

Brad Pitt I’ll Pay 6 Figures For Emilia Clarke!!!

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Brad Pitt is on the brink of ending up being single once again, so it’s not a surprise he’s searching for some friendship. Actually … $120,000 for a couple of hours?

Truth is … it was all carried out in the name of charity. Brad struck up Sean Penn‘s yearly relief occasion in Hollywood, and among the products up for quiet auction was seeing an episode of “ Game of Thrones” … with Emilia Clarke!!!

It was quite hysterical … due to the fact that John Snow– Kit Harrington– was searching and apparently either envious or intent on participating the action if Brad wound up the greatest bidder.

The bidding began– as Emilia saw– at a modest $20 k however rapidly skyrocketed at the hands of Brad to $80 k. Harrington had actually remained in the restroom when the bidding started, however when he went back to the space Brad outbid HIMSELF and upped the ante to $90 k. Kit obviously quipped he ‘d being in for the “GOT” seeing and Brad then upped his quote once again … to $120 k!!!

But this story does not have a delighted ending for Brad … he lost to somebody less popular who snagged the reward for $160 k.

BTW … helpful for Kit that he made it. The night prior to he was thrown away of a NYC bar after ending up being out of control lost.

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