Brody Jenner Didn’t Know Kylie Jenner Was Pregnant Until She Gave Birth, But Would Like to Meet Stormi

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The guy imagined above at some sort of pop-up McDonald’s cubicle is Brody Jenner For a minute in the early 2000 s that lasted about as long as it requires to clear one’s throat, he was Caitlyn Jenner’s Most Famous Child His more youthful half-sister Kylie presently holds that title, and brought to life an infant called Stormi on February 1. Per Uncle Brody himself, that was the very day he discovered Kylie had actually been pregnant.

In an interview (or whatever you call a shaky-cam walk and talk at LAX) with TMZ, Jenner exposed he has yet to fulfill his niece or send out a present, however that he “hopefully” will quickly. When pushed, he went on:

To be truthful, I didn’t even understand she was pregnant for the whole pregnancy. Uh, however yeah. Now I discovered. For sure, I would like to see her … I have not truly seen her that much, recently. She’s been extremely hectic …

When asked why he hasn’t seen Kylie in “a couple years,” he stated, “I have no idea” with what seemed like a tip of bitterness.

Tell me whatever, Brody. Let’s do lunch.


Richard Pryor’s child Rain has actually had it up to here with the difficulty over Quincy Jones’s declare that Marlon Brando and her dad had a sexual relationship, and required to Facebook to share her disgust with the media and her dad’s “so called widow” Jennifer for validating Jones’s declarations.


In a post that is both funny and sort of biphobic (how attempt you state the claim that making love with both ladies and guys “tarnishes” an image!!!), Pryor composed:

All you who promoted Faux News and preach about desiring blacks to be represented in a terrific light and after that published Q’s interview are complete and unimportant of your very own BS. Q, was when a fantastic music manufacturer who is losing his mind, and chose to gather promotion for himself with a sensationalized interview; and since y’ all relate and believe Fame and Money with decency, you consumed it up like thirsty pets, as he gushed out a lie about my dad who’s not here to safeguard himself.

Then on top of everything, my daddy’s so called widow verified it, since she has to keep legitimizing herself and stain our daddy after he’s dead. She disliked Q and Daddy.


She ended with this ideal line:

I’m getting my millions the proper method, with stability!!!!


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