Caitlyn Jenner Says Trump Set Back the Transgender Community 20 Years

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Good early morning, a Starbucks Zombie Frappuccino dosage of upchuck ( Piers Morgan) for you:

1) After declaring that Trump would be “very good for women’s rights,” safeguarding her choose him, and the MAGA hat event, Caitlyn Jenner now thinks that Trump has actually held up transgender rights 20 years. This Newsweek post leads with a Piers Morgan interview scolding her for not informing the Kardashians about her shift surgical treatment prior to she launched her book. “You’re not being honest to the people you love most. Are they not entitled to feel pretty pissed off?”


2) Now look that up, and it leads with video of Piers Morgan pointing at the genital area of an action figure of a male.

3) Piers Morgan individually informs Metro he’s seen all the sex tapes for “research” functions.

Back to Caitlyn, Kathy Griffin is not having it. “Fuck off Caitlyn–you had your chance,” she tweeted on Saturday.


Kathy Griffin‘s likewise revealed her resurgence trip.

I best regards with all my heart hope that this is Oprah teasing a governmental run. In an interview with People, she explains spreading loan all over her hotel space for the house cleaning:

I generally simply leave the cash on the pillow. I believed exactly what if it’s all over the space? And whenever time she gets a thing, there’s another. And there’s another. And there’s another. I did that. I did it all over the space. I put it under the desk. I put it in the restroom. I put it in the roll of toilet tissue. I put it in the shower. I put it beneath the carpet. Envision how pleased that individual was!


YES! Tax! refunds! for! all!!!

How can we discuss pornography stars, we get to discuss pornography stars, who is this pornography star and exactly what is she approximately, is it pornography?? There are 11 discusses of the word “porn” in this Washington Post piece about how Stephanie Clifford is rewording her own story and being “sassy” on Twitter. The outcome is she’s taking legal action against now and scheduling great deals of gigs.


  • Trump supposedly carefully picked Miss Universe finalists and started ladies of color “if there were too many.” [HuffPost]
  • Andy Cohen is single, or– no– offered [People]
  • “Blue’s Clues” is returning and would supposedly like Chrissy Teigen, John Legend and their child Luna to cameo. [TMZ]
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