Chip and Joanna Gaines’ 7 Cutest Family Moments: Fixing Up Their Home Life After Finding Fame

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Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines are understood for constructing dream houses on Fixer Upper, however the couple’s biggest task has actually constantly been their household.

The happy moms and dads have 4 kids: Drake, 12, Ella, 11, Duke, 9 and Emmie Kay, 7. They’re likewise intending on inviting a 5th kid later on this year.

For the previous 5 seasons, fans have actually gotten glances of the kids’s picturesque nation upbringing on HGTV. Now, audiences will get to see more of the kids on Chip and Joanna’s Family Garden Project. In the unique, which airs Feb. 13 at 9: 00 p.m. EST, the 43- year-old papa and 39- year-old mommy hire the assistance of their kids to offer their yard garden a fresh make over. The unique airs throughout the program’s last season and works as a sweet goodbye to the Gaines household.

Joanna and Chip revealed they were ending Fixer Upper in September2017 While reports of marital issues began to spread out, Joanna mentioned their growing household as a factor for ending the program.

“For us, the most important thing in the world is Jo and I’s relationship, followed very quickly by these four beautiful kids,” Chip informed Today back in October. “And we didn’t want to push it, red line it, for so long that we woke up and realized, we are at a point of no return.”

This isn’t really the very first time the couple has actually discussed the troubles of balancing work and household. In 2011, 2 years prior to the very first episode of Fixer Upper even aired, Joanna discussed the battle on her blog site.

“For a while, it was working just great and then the stress of work started spilling over on the ‘mother’ side and I noticed even when I was home, my mind was always at work,” she stated. “I noticed some things coming up in their hearts and even mine that were red flags. They needed their mom in this season of life and honestly I needed my kids.”

So prior to we bid farewell to the Gaineses, here’s an appearance back at 7 of their prettiest household minutes.

1. When they included their kids in their work

From Drake and Duke assisting with demonstration day to Ella turning an old attic into a research study nook, there have actually been a number of circumstances when Chip and Joanna have actually engaged their kids with their work. It appears like their kids have actually acquired a few of their DIY abilities, too– particularly Ella. Joanna shared an image of their oldest child having fun with a style book and fabrics. In the caption, she composed, “She asked me if she could be a designer when she grows up.”

2. When they taught them lessons through effort

Whether the kids are cutting roses in the garden, having the tendency to a child calf or offering fresh eggs and veggies, Chip and Joanna attempt to reveal their kids the worth of effort.

“It’s fun for the kids to really see when you take something and you take care of it and it grows up strong and healthy, I mean, it’s fun to watch the fruit of your labor,” Joanna stated in an episode shared through People “So it’s fun to have them be a part of it.”

3. When they let their kids’ characters shine through

Each member of the Gaines household has a distinct character. In an interview with People, Joanna explained their earliest kid Drake as a “steady Eddie” who is “predictable” and “likes to play things safe.” Although, she stated he has his papa’s funny bone As for Ella, Joanna informed the publication she’s the “creative one.” Chip likewise stated their child Duke is their “silent type.” Finally, “sweet” little Emmie is “just a ball of fun,” Joanna stated. The couple recommended she’s likewise their most daring kid.

4. When they let their kids be kids

Whether it’s playing hide-and-go-seek in the corn fields or dressing up as superheroes at the table, Chip and Joanna ensure their kids have a lot of time to play. They’re likewise stringent about restricting the quantity of screen time the kids have. The moms and dads have actually stated they do not even have a TELEVISION.

“I think the funny part with Chip is just the video games, the TV. I mean, that’s where he kinds of gets a little strict,” Joanna informed People in an interview. “It’s ‘You go play outside.'”

5. When they kept in mind to take a break from work and delight in the little minutes

With a publication, a house style business a TELEVISION program and a number of brand name partnerships, it can be simple for Chip and Joanna to obtain involved work. The moms and dads still handle to set aside time to bond with their kids. In one episode, Chip took a break from landscaping to shoot hoops with Emmie. Another time Joanna took a break from her order of business to simply paint with her child.

6. When they commemorated their accomplishments with their kids

Chip and Joanna ensure to commemorate their accomplishments with their household. Whether it was having their kids begin at their recently acquired home the Silos or having them be the very first ones inside their recently opened bakeshop, they make those pleased minutes even much better by sharing them with individuals they enjoy many.

7. When they hinted they may wish to have another infant

Even though the couple didn’t share their pregnancy news till January, the moms and dads have actually been meaning a 5th kid for a while.

Watch the video to see a few of their other ideas.

Watch Chip and Joanna’s Family Garden Project Feb. 13 at 9: 00 p.m. EST on HGTV.

For more on the couple’s journey to better than ever, tune into E! News tonight at 7 and 11 p.m. PT

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