Completion of the F *** ing World’ Creator Breaks Down That Ambiguous Ending

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Be conscious there are spoilers for The End of the F *** cking World series and comic.

In its last episode, The End of the F *** ng World reaches a tipping point. The cumulative momentum of James ( Alex Lawther) and Alyssa’s ( Jessica Barden) significantly high-stakes criminal activity spree and significantly truthful psychological intimacy careens off the rails; all their little choices have actually accumulated and now whatever has actually altered. In simply under a half-hour, we enjoy their bravura Bonnie and Clyde experience concerned a fittingly relentless end, the jazzy percussive rating swinging with momentum, as all the series story threads crash together in a violent, impassioned, and potentially awful ending.

With the police officers hot on their path and Leslie ( Barry Ward) entirely exposed a “fucking useless dad,” James and Alyssa burry the dead pet dog on the beach and share one last peaceful minute of intimacy. They choose to flee. Take daddy’s boat and cross the channel. Start fresh. They’re kids and they’re in love, and they’re out of choices. When they go to take Leslie’s secrets, Alyssa lastly faces him, however he’s not just unrepentant and manipulative, he privately calls “999” for the benefit. Alyssa opens and admits, while considerate officer Eunice ( Gemma Whelan) slips towards the door outside, hearing every word. Do the police officers on the line, and on impulse, James susses out Leslie’s betrayal, admits to all the criminal activities as his alone, insistening on Alyssa’s innocence, and pulls a weapon. When things get out of hand, that’s.


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Alyssa stabs Leslie in the leg simply as Eunice bursts in, informing the kids they need to turn themselves in so she can assist them– specifically James, who simply turned18 It’s his birthday. “I would have bought you a present,” Alyssa states with equivalent love and indignation. Your heart burglarize a thousand pieces. Eunice attempts to factor with them, persuade them that they still have a the home of return to, once Alyssa understands they would be separated in juvenile detention, it’s all over. She knocks Eunice out with the butt of the weapon, requires the secrets to the boat, gets James’ hand, and they go to the water. The water isn’t really there– the tide is out and they’re stranded.

Eunice’s not-so-sympathetic partner Teri ( Wunmi Mosaku) coming in with a SWAT group and James understands they’re out of choices. He informs Alyssa to state she was abducted, strikes her in the head with the rifle, and diminishes the beach. Gunshots send out up sprays of sand at his feet as he runs away, weapon in hand, and Alyssa screams for him while Teri limits her. “I’ve just turned 18,” James states in narration. “And I think I understand what people mean to each other.” A montage of his minutes with Alyssa flashes by, a piercing shot rings out, and we get a ruthless cut to black. It’s completion of the fucking world.

The Netflix and Channel 4 series captured on like wildfire when it debuted last month, and fans have actually been disputing James and Alyssa’s fates since. With that in mind, I got on the phone with series developer Jonathan Entwistle to speak about exactly what to make of the ending and the worth he discovered in obscurity. For those trying to find a bit more solved variation of the ending, Entwistle indicated the source product, Charles Forseman‘s comic of the very same name, which ends quite likewise, other than for a coda that gets rid of the majority of the doubt about exactly what occurs after that gunshot on the beach– Alyssa sits alone in her space, runs a nail through flame, and utilizes it to sculpt “James” into her arm.


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Entwistle discussed,

“For those have read the comic, the comic ends very definitively. And in fact, there’s a prologue to the comic that we never shot, we never wrote, which makes it unambiguous if that makes sense. And I think for us, we wanted the opportunity to be able to continue the story, because when we were writing — We started writing the show four years ago and Netflix didn’t really exist in the way that it exists back then, so when we were putting together the arc of the story and sticking very closely to the spine of the comic book, this made sense as a way to end it.”

He continued, describing that due to the fact that they desired the chance to continue, the variation of the ending we eventually saw was a bit various than exactly what they initially had on the page.

“Now, the ambiguity that we’ve got in the show is done in the edit, if that makes sense. It’s a little bit different to what was in the script, and we gave ourselves some options with the ending of the show. And in the end, we just felt that this was a nice way to leave it open for everyone, and it lets people think to themselves, “What happened?” And exactly what’s truly fascinating for me is that I believe I’ve checked out some remarkable remarks from individuals stating, “What happens to Alyssa?” And I believe that that is really a truly bottom line for me, is that she’s so front and center in the program. Although in some methods the program begins with James, it is quite about Alyssa and how she unloads whatever. This program has to do with Alyssa searching for her daddy, basically. And I believe that she is the one that is sort of left at the end of the program more open; more unclear is exactly what occurs to Alyssa.


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Entwistle likewise explained an information you might have missed out on,

“All his voiceover is in the past tense in the show until the final line. So a lot of people have lots of conjecture about where the story goes because James is always in the past tense and the series voiceover is in the present tense, and until James delivers the final line of the show. So you can read into that what you will.”

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