David Beador Proceed With Hot Young Lookalike After Divorce

shannon david beador pp - David Beador Proceed With Hot Young Lookalike After Divorce

Genuine Homemakers of Orange County star Shannon Beador‘s ex-husband David has actually traded the truth star in for a more youthful design as he carries on with a hot blonde 34- year-old called Lesley Cook.

According to sources, the brand-new lovebirds are warming up and not attempting to conceal their sensations for each other any longer.

David, 54, was dating “Several women” right away following his split with Shannon, 53, inning accordance with numerous sources.

However, that altered prior to Christmas, when he began dating Lesley. In a cute picture published to the mother-of-two’s Instagram account, she thanked her in shape brand-new male for assisting her with an exercise. After David informed his blonde appeal, “You did awesome,” she commented, “thank you for the encouragement. Your energy and determination is contagious!”

As RHOC fans understand, David and Shannon’s preferred area to dine at was The Montage in Laguna Beach! Lesley, a DIY blog writer and Orange County native accompanied David to the restaurant 2 days after Christmas. “Looking great #discrete,” David composed. David has actually considering that erased all his remarks from Lesley’s page.

As Shannon was sounding in the New Year with BFF Tamra Judge, David had a hot date with Lesley! In another picture, he composed, “Looking good. Someone is getting lucky tonight! #Discrete #HappyNewYear.”

It appears that David and Lesley squandered no time at all in being familiar with each other. Lesley captioning another picture, “She’s running around saying, this is a dream house.” David took it an action even more and composed, “ I heard Park City in Feb is nice also if you like the snow,” to which she reacted cannot wait to race #NOTdiscrete.”

According to the source, David’s ex Shannon Knows about the love, and is “devastated.”

Couples who sweat together, remain together. Simply one month back, Lesley and David took their exercises to a brand-new level and ensured to comment backward and forward about their lovey-dovey exercise session!

But the icing on the cake came simply a number of weeks back, when David and Lesley jetted off to Las Vegas together. He erased all of his remarks from this picture that she published from the performance, he initially composed, “was this before or after we ‘bumped’ into one another? I don’t remember meeting your date strangely enough… maybe he was holding your shoes in back as you said your feet hurt. #roulettequeen&wannabeking #love” Lesley validated tat he was her real date and commented, “I think you were holding my shoes, weren’t you?”

Two days prior to going to the performance, Lesley published a picture of her brand-new partner.

When Lesley published a picture that stated, “Keep the soul lit,” David commented, “Once we dig deep enough and THROW AWAY THE CRAP (PAST) that’s in our way to understand our soul, you definitely need to keep it lit. Best with an amazing partner.”

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