David Wain Reveals the Correct Way to Watch ‘Wet Hot American Summer’

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During a current interview for writer/director David Wain’s brand-new film A Stupid and useless Gesture, our own Steve Weintraub got to ask a concern that has actually been on his mind because Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp aired on Netflix. With the initial film, the prequel, and the follow up Ten Years Later … exactly what’s the proper seeing order? Wain described his take:

“I would have answered this differently when we first made First Day of Camp, but I would suggest you watch it in production order, which is to watch the original movie, and then watch First Day of Camp and then watch Ten Years Later. Because it was made in that order, it was conceived in that order, and it makes the most sense even though it’s not the chronological story order. I would say the same about The Godfather; some people say no, watch it in chronological order, [but like The Godfather], the prequel of Wet Hot was designed to be be seen after you’ve seen the movie.”


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So there you have it! The Godfather is a fascinating example, since my very first idea was really Star Wars There are a few various methods you might set about it, however when it concerns the motion pictures, beginning with Phantom Menace and the prequels removes a great deal of the psychological punch of the initial trilogy. When it comes to Wet Hot, the most significant joke is that in First Day of Camp, the currently adult cast is older than in cases of the film. If you see in sequential order, that does not make sense.

Wain’s ideas on the seeing order for Wet Hot are not unexpected. The order where the works– books, books, motion pictures– are developed is certainly normally the very best, because typically the prequels will fill out spaces in the folklore checked out in later works. That folklore does not bring as much weight if you’re simply taking it at stated value, without the benefit of understanding how it plays into the later story (see: the can of blended veggies). That’s the happiness of seeing a prequel to a precious movie or franchise. When it comes to Ten Years Later, well, it describes itself!

In any case, when getting your buddies hooked on Wet Hot American Summer, simply keep in mind to inform them to begin with the initial, and go from there– it’s all a pleasure.

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