Death Watch 2018: Spring TELEVISION survival forecasts

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Where ‘d the time go, TELEVISION fans? In 2 months, the broadcast networks will reveal their brand-new fall lineups to marketers. Some early pickups have actually currently been revealed (programs that begin with THE have actually been particularly lucky!). Numerous more stay on the proverbial bubble.

Here’s our yearly rundown of present program survival chances, consisting of each program’s present season-to-date overall viewership level and score amongst grownups 18-49(consisting of DVR). We’ll upgrade this list as the upfronts get closer.

The Big Bang Theory(4.6 score, 19.2 million) RENEWED
Young Sheldon(3.5, 16.9 million) RENEWED
Survivor(2.5, 10.5 million) Looking great
NCIS(2.2, 17.2 million) Looking great
Criminal Minds(2.1, 9.6 million) Looking great
Mom(2.0, 11 million) Looking great
Bull(1.9, 14.4 million) Looking excellent
Seal Team(1.9, 10.6 million) Looking great
SWAT(1.8, 9.9 million) Looking great
Hawaii Five-0(1.7, 11.8 million) Looking great
Kevin Can Wait(1.7, 8.1 million) Could go in either case
Life in Pieces(1.7, 8.6 million) Could go in either case
NCIS: New Orleans(1.7, 12.8 million) Looking great
60 Minutes(1.6, 11.7 million) Looking excellent
The Amazing Race(1.6, 6.9 million) Looking excellent
Blue Bloods(1.6, 13.6 million) Looking excellent
Scorpion(1.6, 8.4 million) Could go in either case
NCIS: LA(1.5, 10.8 million) Looking excellent
MacGyver(1.3, 8.8 million) Could go in either case
Man With a Plan(1.3, 7.2 million) Could go in either case
Me, Myself and I(1.3, 6.1 million) Unlikely
9KJL(1.2, 6.2 million, 6.2 million) Unlikely
Superior Donuts(1.2, 6.3 million) might go in either case
Wisdom of the Crowd(1.2, 8.5 million) SO LONG
Madam Secretary(1.1, 9.3 million) Looking excellent
48 Hours(.7, 4.6 million) Looking excellent
Celebrity Big Brother( 1.2, 5.0 million) Looking great
Living Biblically( 0.8, 5.0 million audiences) Too quickly to inform
( Yet to premiere/return: Code Black, Elementary, Undercover Boss)

Grey’s Anatomy(3.5, 11.6 million) Looking excellent
The Good Doctor(3.4, 15.5 million) RENEWED
Modern Family(2.4, 7.4 million) Looking excellent
The Bachelor(2.2, 7.4 million) Looking excellent
Scandal(2.1, 7.6 million) FINISHED
How to Get Away With Murder(2.0, 6.4 million) Looking great
Designated Survivor(1.9, 9.1 million) Could go in either case
Dancing With destiny(1.8, 11.2 million) Looking excellent
The Goldbergs(1.8, 6.4 million) RENEWED
The Middle(1.8, 7.1 million) FINISHED
American Housewife(1.7, 5.6 million) Unlikely
Once Upon a Time(1.0, 3.6 million) FINISHED
Black-ish(1.6, 5.3 million) Looking excellent
Shark Tank(1.5, 5.5 millon) Looking excellent
Fresh Off the Boat(1.3, 4.6 million) Could go in either case
Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.(1.3, 4.0 million) Could go in either case
Speechless(1.3, 4.8 million) Could go in either case
Marvel’s Inhumans(1.2, 4.1 million) SO LONG
The Mayor(1.1, 3.6 million) SO LONG
Kevin Probably Saves the World(1.0, 3.9 million) Unlikely
Child Support(.9, 4.3 million) Looking great
America’s Funniest Home Videos(.8, 4.7 million) Looking excellent
Match Game(.8, 3.2 million) Looking excellent
Ten Days in the Valley(.6, 3.6 million) SO LONG
Toy Box(.5, 2.4 million) SO LONG
Yet to premiere/return: Quantico, American Idol, For individuals, The Crossing, Alex, Inc., Splitting Up Together, Deception, Roseanne)

This Is United States(5.5 score, 17.7 million) RENEWED
Will & Grace(3.1, 9.8 million). RESTORED
The Voice(2.6, 12 million) Looking excellent
Ellen’s Game of Games(2.3, 9.1 million) RENEWED
Law & Order: SVU(2.3, 8.9 million) Looking excellent
Chicago Med(2.2, 10.9 million) Looking excellent
Chicago P.D (2.2, 10.4 million) Looking excellent
Chicago Fire(2.1, 10.1 million) Looking excellent
The Good Place(1.9, 5.7 million) RENEWED
The Blacklist(1.7, 8.9 million) Looking great
Superstore(1.7, 5.3 million) RENEWED
Brave(1.6, 7.6 million) Could go in either case
A.P. Bio(1.3, 5.1 million) Too early to inform
Blindspot(1.3, 5.6 million) Could go in either case
Better Late Than Never(1.7, 6.2 million) Too early to inform
The Wall(1.2, 6 million) RENEWED
Great News(.9, 3.5 million) Could go in either case
Taken(.8, 4.6 million) Unlikely
Good Girls(( 1.5, 5.9) Likely however it’s early
Yet to premiere/return: Rise, Champions, Genius Jr., Little Big Shots, Timeless

The CW
Flash(1.2, 3.3 million) Looking excellent
Black Lightning(1.0, 2.8 million) Looking excellent
Riverdale(1.0, 2.4 million) Looking excellent
Supergirl(.9, 3 million) Looking excellent
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow(.8, 2.1 million) Looking excellent
Supernatural(.8, 2.3 million) Looking great
Arrow(.7, 1.8 million) Looking excellent
Jane the Virgin(.5, 1.2 million) Looking great
Penn & Teller: Fool United States(.5, 1 million) RENEWED
Whose Line Is It Anyway(.4, 1.1 million) RENEWED
My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend(.3, 782,000) Looking great
Dynasty(.3, 1 million) Looking great
Valor(.3, 1.4 million) Unlikely
Masters of Illusion(.2, 954,000) RENEWED
Life Sentence(.3, 760,000) Too early to inform
iZombie(.3, 986,000) Too early to inform
The Originals ENDING
Yet to premiere/return: The 100

9-1-1(3.1, 10.6 million) RENEWED
Empire(2.7, 7.6 million) Looking excellent
The Resident(2.2, 8.6 million) Looking great
The Simpsons(2.2, 5.2 million) RENEWED
Orville(2.0, 6.5 million) RENEWED
Family Guy(1.9, 4 million) Looking excellent
Bob’s Burgers(1.7, 3.6 million) Looking great
The Gifted(1.7, 4.9 million) RENEWED
Star(1.7, 5.1 million) Unlikely
Ghosted(1.6, 4 million) Could go in either case
The X-Files(1.6, 5.8 million) Could go in either case
Four(1.4, 4 million) RENEWED
LA to Vegas(1.4, 4.4 million) Unlikely
Lethal Weapon(1.4, 5.8 million) Looking great
Gotham(1.3, 3.8 million) Looking great
Lucifer(1.2, 4.3 million) Could go in either case
The Mick(1.2, 3.2 million) Looking great
The Exorcist(.6, 1.9 million) Could go in either case
Yet to premiere/return: The Last Man in the world, New Girl

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