Destiny 2: video game director Eric Osborne confesses that they have to offer hardcore gamers more needs to visit

destiny 2 curse of osiris first look 6 1 - Destiny 2: video game director Eric Osborne confesses that they have to offer hardcore gamers more needs to visit

ByJames O’Connor, Friday, 1 December 2017 01: 59 GMT

Destiny 2 is an enjoyable video game, however today it’s having a hard time to accommodate both its most hardcore, ‘hobbyist’ fans.

It’s been a huge week for Bungie dealing with the issues with Destiny 2, with the recognition that the group has to be more open about exactly what is occurring with the video game, and the guarantee of various tweaks to come, consisting of a repair for the presently busted endgame XP system.

Now, in the most recent episode of The Bungie Podcast, Bungie’s Luke Smith, Mark Noseworthy, and Eric Osborne have actually discussed the various levels of engagement a gamer can have with Destiny 2, and the gamers they’re pulling down.

Internally, they state, gamers are typically thought about to suit among 3 classifications: travelers (who examine the video game out and possibly complete the project), collectors (who may put as numerous as 100 hours into the video game, however very little more), and enthusiasts (those who think about Destiny to be a part of their way of life, and most likely have our big Destiny 2 guide bookmarked). It’s those enthusiast gamers, Osborne thinks, that they’re pulling down.


These gamers, Osborne states, are not being offered enough factors or reasons to come back to the video game today. “If you have a game that you really love, you want to be given reasons to log in (…) and I think where we’re at today (is that) Destiny 2 is a game that doesn’t have enough excuses or reasons to play for those hobbyist players”, he states.

Even within Bungie they have all 3 kinds of gamers, they acknowledge– Luke Smith remains in the 99% percentile of gamers in regards to play time, and discovers himself resting on the numerous famous fragments he has actually collected.

They acknowledge that, after the very first month or two of enthusiast play, things begin to dry up. “And they don’t have as many bars to fill, there’s not as many things to chase potentially. They don’t have those same reasons to log in.”

If you’re interested in where Destiny 2 is going,

The complete podcast is worth a listen. It’s excellent to hear these issues being acknowledged, so that they can be resolved.

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