‘Die Hard’ Origin Story Enlists ‘Conjuring’ Writers to Tackle Terrible Idea

live free or die hard bruce willis - ‘Die Hard’ Origin Story Enlists ‘Conjuring’ Writers to Tackle Terrible Idea


It’s nearly excellent how severely Len Wiseman misses out on the point of Die Hard He formerly directed Live Free or Die Hard, the PG-13 Die Hard film that had John McClane releasing an automobile at a helicopter and removing a fighter jet, and now he wishes to do an origin story for Bruce Willis‘ renowned police. For the previous number of years, Wiseman has actually been set to direct and produce a quasi-prequel that would consist of Bruce Willis as John McClane however mainly concentrate on a more youthful McClane. Now The Tracking Board reports that Chad and Carey Hayes( The Conjuring) have actually been employed to reword the script.


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Per The Tracking Board, “The film is rumored to be an origin story of sorts, in which we see a younger actor portray McClane as a (relatively) regular cop in 1970s New York. Willis’ grizzled take on the character, who has been through a lot over the course of five films, is expected to bookend the movie, which will toggle back and forth between past and present.”

It’s clear that Wiseman sees McClane not as an everyman, who, in spite of his excellent heroics in the very first 3 Die Hard motion pictures, is fairly grounded and brings a level of humankind, however as a superhero total with an origin story. He’s not simply some police any longer; he’s somebody with a LEGACY.

The issue here is that if McClane does something excellent in the 1970 s, it lessens his heroics in the initial Die Hard since you question why individuals would not currently understand him. Possibly there will be a description (like another police gets the credit for McClane’s actions), however it’s packing up on backstory we do not desire or require. A Good Day to Die Hard revealed the franchise was practically from juice, so possibly it’s time for the Die Hard franchise to simply pass away.

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