Director James Marsh commemorates author Jóhann Jóhannsson: ‘He was a genius’

johan johanssen.jpg?crop=0px%2C0px%2C2700px%2C1417 - Director James Marsh commemorates author Jóhann Jóhannsson: 'He was a genius'

When news of the death of author and artist Jóhann Jóhannsson broke on Saturday, it stunned music and movie neighborhoods. Jóhannsson is understood to movie enthusiasts mostly through his lots of stunning ratings for movies such as Prisoners, Arrival, Sicario and The Theory of Everything, the last 2 making him back-to-back Oscar elections. James Marsh, The Theory of Everything‘s director, is fast to keep in mind the Icelandic artist needs to be kept in mind for so much more. “He was a genius,” Marsh states. “The heading should not be ‘ The Theory of Everything‘ author has actually passed away’ it needs to be ‘Brilliant, ingenious speculative artist and author has actually unfortunately died.”

The 2 guys had actually ended up being close throughout the years, and Marsh states he is still aiming to cover his brain around the truth of Jóhannsson’s death. “It was very unexpected,” Marsh states. “There’s the shock of it and the fact of it and both are hard to process quickly. There was so much more work to do and could have been done. That’s something to regret on his behalf: He’s lost his life with so much more to do. What we’ve lost is not just a person, but a whole loss of new work we could have really enjoyed.”

Marsh and Jóhannsson had actually satisfied while both dealing with the 2010 Danish documentary, A Good Life, however he ‘d currently been familiarized with Jóhannsson’s music as a fan of his albums, 2006’s IBM1401, A User’s Manual and 2008’s Fordlandia. “We met and got on very well. We kept in touch,” keeps in mind Marsh. “When Theory of Everything occurred I desired him to do it due to the fact that I understood the rating might actually take the movie someplace. You understand, you can raise a movie or harm with a rating. It’s a fragile procedure and you need to beware who you deal with, like in any imaginative partnership.” Marsh states that Jóhannsson constantly understood intuitively exactly what the movie required. “He always grasped the intentions. He’s a brilliant [script] reader.” The 2 likewise collaborated on Marsh’s Colin Firth-starring biopic drama The Mercy, launched in the UK previously this month.

Marsh states there are other aspects of Jóhannsson to grieve beyond his skill. “He was a really nice person,” he states. “That does not constantly track with being really gifted. He was a pure individual and a really good individual. Nice seems like a soft word however that’s exactly what he was; good, kind. Those are the important things that are actually important in a partnership. And compassion is a virtue you do not discover much in my company, I can inform you.”

Marsh states he was touched by the profusion of sorrow he saw on social networks over the weekend. “I was actually delighted and actually stunned to see it, numerous various individuals who liked his music. I want he ‘d understood it, I actually do. I do not believe he did. I was actually pleased so lots of individuals might see exactly what we’ve lost. I lost a good friend and somebody I was really keen on. The world’s an even worse location for it, for sure.”

However Marsh did discover solace in paying attention to his pal’s developments. “When it all began to sink in, I listened to his music—and there he was. His personality, his brilliance and even his kindness is in that music. I found it incredibly consoling. Listening to his beautiful music made me feel better.”

Below are some connect to Jóhannsson’s work. (Do check out “The Sun’s Gone Dim and the Sky’s Turned Black” which Marsh describes as a requiem. “That’s what I really was listening to. It’s very emotional and consoling at the same time.”)

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