Donald Trump Is ‘Irrelevant’ & &’ Bitter’ at NFL, Says Congressman Richmond

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Donald Trump‘ Irrelevant’ & ‘Bitter’ at NFL … Says Congressman


Here’s Louisiana Congressman Cedric Richmond going all “Hit ‘Em Up” on Donald Trump — knocking POTUS as a bitter old male who’s “irrelevant” when it pertains to the NFL.

The diss session began when we asked the Chairman of the Black Caucus if Trump ought to consider it a success that no gamers took a knee throughout the nationwide anthem at the Super Bowl.

That set Richmond OFF.

Richmond states Trump’s “not wanted” when it pertains to the NFL– and declares DT’s bitterness towards the gamers is substantiated of the truth he was never ever able to purchase an NFL group of his own.


Long story brief … Richmond dislikes Trump’s guts– however he LOVES Eagles star Malcolm Jenkins

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