Donald Trump Says Justin Verlander’s His Golf Bro

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Donald Trump Justin Verlander’s My Golf Bro!!

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Who requires Tom Brady … when you got Justin Verlander!!

Donald Trump simply gushed about his relationship with a World Series champ throughout the Houston Astros check out to the White House … while likewise dropping some simple extols himself (duh).

“So, I know Justin. Justin’s a friend of mine,” Trump stated while noting they play golf together.

“I’m a pretty long hitter,” Trump boasted … “[but] this guy, he is a monster!”

“And he said he’s a -2 or a -3 handicap, but believe me, he’s much better than that. He’s about a +2 or +3. but we love playing and it was really great.”

Trump likewise had some words for Jose Altuve(“you’re taller than I thought!”) and World Series MVP George Springer prior to advising everybody he likewise played in high school!

He likewise guaranteed the group the nation’s doing “fantastically well” under his management.

Note: Two gamers who weren’t at the event … Carlos Correa and Carlos Beltran— both of whom are from Puerto Rico.

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