EA Sports UFC 3 Review: Not Yet a Knockout, But The Best UFC Yet

The task of emulating the complexity of Mixed Martial Arts in video game form is not an easy one, and for the most part, the first two EA Sports UFC games have done a fairly admirable job of it. While it still has some substantial holes to fill in, UFC 3 is certainly the best game yet in the series, thanks to its fantastic overhaul of the striking system and the much improved, goal-oriented career mode. Its best moments, it’s a combat sports game that truly captures the excitement and depth of an MMA fight. However, the sleazy, microtransaction-infested Ultimate Team mode casts a dark shadow over it.

UFC 3’s biggest change to its usually exciting fights is the complete reworking of its striking system. Previous games adopted a Fight Night-style approach of using parries and counters, which always felt a bit out of place in an MMA fight. In UFC 3 there are no parries, but that doesn’t mean there are no counters. You can now freely sway with the right stick to dodge and duck under punches and throw any punch or kick while moving – a combination that leads to a dynamic striking system that feels much closer to how actual fights in the UFC play out.

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