Ed O’Neill Had No Concept Who Taylor Swift Was– Till His Child Conserved the Day

Ed O'Neill, Ellen DeGeneres

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Many individuals have actually become aware of Taylor Swift On Thursday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Modern Family star Ed O’Neill informed the story of how he stopped working to acknowledge the pop vocalist when he fulfilled her at a celebration.

O’Neill encountered Swift while going to the birthday celebration of his co-star Sarah Hyland After a bit of little talk, the Jay Pritchett character still could not recognize her.

“I know she’s famous, but I can’t place her,” he informed host Ellen DeGeneres, stating the occasion.

To fix the secret, the star took a selfie with the “End Game” vocalist and sent it to his child Sophia, who had the ability to recognize Swift.

“And she said, ‘I’m having you committed,'” he stated, summarizing his child’s words.

Playing it cool, O’Neill had the ability to drop Swift’s name prior to he navigated the night.

“I did say, ‘Nice to meet you, Taylor’ when I left the party,” he informed DeGeneres.

Clearly, O’Neill isn’t really the very best at acknowledging stars. The Married With Children star likewise confessed he cannot acknowledge Britney Spears when she requested for a selfie at the airport. Years back, he even cannot acknowledge Randy Jackson at a dining establishment. When the Jackson 5 member asked him to state hi to his bro on the phone, O’Neill had no concept he was speaking to the King of Pop Michael Jackson

Watch the video to hear him inform the amusing tale.

In addition to speaking about his uncomfortable star encounters, O’Neill spoke about the future of Modern Family and exactly what he ‘d like to do next. He likewise brought DeGeneres chips, salsa and guacamole to commemorate the host’s upcoming 60 th birthday.

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