Eiza González Talks at Oscars 2018 About the Distinct Modifying Design of Infant Chauffeur

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Eiza González is elated to be providing an award tonight, however prior to that occurs she’s dropping some behind-the-scenes information about how her movie Baby Driver was distinct modifying design.

“When you were shooting the film, I heard tales that it was being edited right there on the set,” Ryan Seacrest states.

“Yes, Paul, our incredible editor who is actually nominated and we’re rooting for him, wouldn’t sleep. I mean, that guy would be there every day and every night because it was these series of scenes that you really determine that you can’t miss one moment because everything is linked to the music,” she describes to E!. “So it was complicated in that sense, but it was very exciting because it was very specific and everything was very clear before walking into shooting. It was fun, it was a different experience.”

The starlet states that the stars had earpieces to assist them hear the beats and other times they had a choreographer to assist them stroll through particular scenes to assist with the speed and timing of everything.

The 28- year-old starlet is likewise dealing with a brand-new movie with Steve Carell

“Steve is absolutely incredible, hard-working, professional but funny,” she describes.

“He always wants everyone else to shine, which is something that we really appreciate. It’s a very female-heavy cast and the fact that it’s him and a bunch of women was very exciting.”

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