Fate 2: Xur will not be concerning Mercury, so vanilla Destiny 2 gamers can keep visiting him

xur destiny 2 december 8 1 - Fate 2: Xur will not be concerning Mercury, so vanilla Destiny 2 gamers can keep visiting him

By James O’Connor, Wednesday, 13 December 2017 23: 06 GMT

Xur, everybody’s preferred tentacle-faced Destiny supplier, will not be going to Mercury in Destiny 2.

Every Friday, old mate Xur turns up at one of a number of places within Destiny 2 to offer you products. Recently he offered all of us the Prometheus Lens Exotic trace rifle, which was without delay nerfed into oblivion as part of the video game’s 1.1.1. upgrade.

That exact same upgrade drawn back a few of the endgame paywalls that was available in with menstruation of Osiris DLC. It’s been a struggling launch, and with some Destiny 2 gamers who have not acquired the growth pass sensation like they have actually been shafted, it would not be unreasonable for fans to stress that Xur may make his method to the DLC-exclusive world Mercury at some time.


Thankfully, as it ends up, Xur’s fragile arm … things cannot deal with the heat of Mercury, and he will not be venturing out that method.

This has actually been validated by dmg04, who handles Destiny Player Support at Bungie, in a tweet today.

( And yes, he provided a follow-up tweet dealing with that errant ‘to’ when he suggested ‘too’.

This implies that Xur will continue to hide around the worlds that every gamer has access to, although you will not always have the ability to purchase whatever he has for deal weekly– we picture he’ll be offering a great deal of Curse of Osiris equipment. It’s great to understand that gamers will not be locked out from browsing his products.

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