For individuals Might Have Your New Favorite Female Friendship

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome Shondaland’s most recent employees.

With For individuals‘s best tonight, the world of Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, and Grey’s Anatomy gets a bit larger in a great deal of the very best methods.

In reality, it gets a lot larger thanks to the big ensemble cast of the legal drama, which follows a group of freshly minted legal representatives who are discovering how to practice in the earliest court in the nation while likewise, as typical, handling their social relationships and individual lives.

The program likewise focuses around the strong relationship in between Sandra Bell ( Britt Robertson) and Allison Adams ( Jasmin Savoy Brown), which is the very first thing that drew both Robertson and Brown to the series.

“When I read the script, I loved the female friendship of Sandra and Allison,” Robertson informs E! News. “I think that was the big draw for both of us because it’s just not really portrayed a whole lot on network television, and it’s nice to see it in this setting, sort of the courtroom drama aspect.”

“I feel like often they try, but they miss the mark,” Brown states of female relationships on other programs. “Like either it starts out as these are best friends and they turn on each other or stab each other in the back—it’s just not quite real. Or it’s too perfect, right, we don’t see any conflicts in the relationship and then how they resolve it, and they get it right.”

Another huge draw of the series is that it’s in such terrific business under the name of Shonda Rhimes, which likewise implies there’s a lot crossover capacity.

Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder simply handled to manage a quite wild two-hour crossover occasion that brought Olivia Pope ( Kerry Washington) and Annalise Keating ( Viola Davis) together for the very first time, and the For individuals stars are intending to sooner or later handle the exact same thing for themselves.

While a few of the stars huge fans of Grey’s Anatomy and might picture some method for their characters to make a medical facility check out in Seattle, the most apparent response was absolutely fellow attorney program How to Get Away with Murder

“Viola Davis. That’s a sentence in and of itself. Viola Davis,” Brown stated, prior to exposing her extremely well-thought-out strategy.

” Viola Davis most likely is my auntie– perhaps separated, perhaps not– however she comes by and she’s like, hey Allison, let me assist you out on this case.:

“And I happen to be at the apartment, because we live together,” included Robertson.

“Then she’s like, hey Sandra, I’m gonna take you guys under my wing,” Brown continued. “I mean, anyone else be in the episode if they want but I don’t think they need to. It’s just the three of us conquering New York City, and then at the end, we go to a karaoke bar.”

100% would enjoy that crossover.

For individuals premieres tonight at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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