Found: Someone Who Actually Wants to Have a Conversation with Justin Timberlake

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In the months and weeks to come, we’ll get to view Justin Timberlake continue to awkwardly promote a job nobody appears much delighted by, including himself. And after that one day it will be over, and after that not long after that, the earth will get too hot and whatever will be over. Things to anticipate.

It’s not that I actually believed Justin Timberlake would vanish off the face of the earth after getting apathetic-to-scathing evaluations for Man of the Woods and treking his method through a Super Bowl Half Time efficiency that nearly everybody, aside from the talk program hosts, appears to have actually discovered underwhelming at finest. It’s still kind of unusual to see him revealing up locations like a vacuum cleaner salesperson attempting to get us interested in his item. Justin, we ‘d rather pay attention to a real vacuum.

So anyhow, Timberlake called into Ellen to speak to Ryan McKenna, the “Super Bowl Selfie Kid” (an appealing name I’m sure we’ll all keep in our heads and near our hearts as civilization slides into the oceans), on whose phone he was caught while he advised us of his career-defining contributions to the Trolls soundtrack throughout the Half Time Show. Due to the fact that she is obviously as enthralled by viral popularity as a young child enjoying a slime video, I must back up and state that Ellen DeGeneres had McKenna on her program.

“It’s nice to meet you finally,” stated Timberlake. I ‘d argue that they currently satisfied. Exactly what do I understand? McKenna appeared really enjoyed experience his 2nd encounter with Timberlake in less than a week. I wager that made Timberlake feel excellent. Ellen called Timberlake’s Half Time Show “flawless” and explained Timberlake as “perfection.” I wager that did, too.

In other news, previously today it was revealed that Timberlake will open a pop-up shop in New York today that brings a matching product for every single tune on Man in the Woods Here’s your opportunity to use the album you aren’t paying attention to! There are Jordans for “Higher,” sunglasses for “Wave,” a cooler for “Midnight Summer Jam,” and a flannel for …“Flannel.” There’s likewise a flask for Sauce.


Everyone requires something to think in, I think.

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