Great Girls’ Retta and Mae Whitman on Their Show’s Unexpected Timeliness and Becoming Fast Friends on Set

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Good Girls is lastly here and its stars could not be more relieved.

The NBC dramedy, which debuted 2 weeks back in the plum post- The Voice timeslot on Mondays, has actually drawn in strong scores, surpassing its previous time slot resident, The Brave And the series, which informs the story of 3 ladies who’ve grown fed up with the guys in their lives and the world at big holding them back, has actually linked not just with audiences however with the #MeToo and Time’s Up motions that are presently requiring modification around the world.

Societal timeliness (which we’ll get to in a minute) aside, stars Retta and Mae Whitman could not be more enjoyed simply have the series producing as much enjoyment among fans as it’s created with them.

“This was something that, again, it’s such a specific tone and such a specific show that we’ve worked so hard on it and it’s just such a wonderful release to actually be able to have something to show for it and share it with everybody because when you’re working in that little bubble, you never know how it’s going to be received or what’s going to happen with it,” Whitman, who plays single mommy Annie, informed E! News. “So the fact that it came out and people are really seeming to like it is just very exciting.”

“And I like it,” Retta, who plays married mom of 2 Ruby, included. “I didn’t know exactly what to expect, you know, with music and just how things were going to get together and I was pleasantly surprised.”

The set confessed that they and their co-star Christina Hendricks ended up being good friends, turning their home-away-from-home in Atlanta, where the series movies, into something a bit more workable. “Yeah, it’s weird. You move away from home for six months, it’s kind of a strange, isolating experience sometimes,” Whitman stated. “But in this case, it sort of felt like sleepaway camp. We were able to just totally focus on each other and our friendship and the project we were doing, so it was actually kind of great.”

As for the coincidental connection to #MeToo and Time’s Up, both which took hold in the general public awareness long after the program was developed or purchased to series, Retta thinks the program will offer something for supporters of the cause to connect to.

“I keep saying that the oppression of disenfranchised people is like the new black, it’ll always be, you know, the hot thing. It just so happens that women are finally getting a voice, that people are finally getting a voice, and so because the show is coming out now, there’s a spotlight on it because it happens to coincide with what’s going on,” she stated. “I think it resonates because it may feel empowering for some women. It may feel like a breath of fresh air to see three female leads who are bold and who are self-empowered and who are no longer feeling like they’re being ruled by the men  in their lives. So in that regard, I feel that viewers will find it refreshing and nice.”

For more from Retta and Whitman, make certain to have a look at the video above!

Good Girls airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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