Harvey Weinstein Assistant Says She Regularly Had To Clean His Semen From The Couch!

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OK, we’re back. Oof. And we believed the potted plant thing was bad … however obviously Harvey Weinstein‘s grotesquery understands no bounds.

TMZ reports that in a brand-new suit, Sandeep Rehal explains her function as the film magnate’s individual assistant, and it is a minimum of as bad as you believe.

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Yes, she needed to establish his sexual intermediaries. (As we’ve heard lots of ladies explain female assistants making them more comfy then unexpectedly vanishing, this is a crucial claim.)

But Sandeep states she was likewise a victim of Weinstein’s, needing to sustain unwanted sexual advances of both a spoken range– she states he would call her a “cunt” and a “pussy”– and a physical one. Inning accordance with her, Harvey would frequently push himself versus her as well as rub her inner thighs as they beinged in his SUV.

In a claim we have not heard previously, she states she was even needed to take dictation while Weinstein was naked!

Sandeep likewise declares she needed to clean his semen from his sofa and get his secondhand prophylactics regularly.

Ew ew ew ew ewwwwwww!

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She states she handled his impotence shots and kept a list of offered ladies for him– a rolodex we’re sure police would be extremely fascinating in.

Rehal is taking legal action against Harvey, Bob Weinstein, and The Weinstein Company for an undefined quantity.

Whatever it is, it’s NOT ENOUGH! Ick!

[ Image through BBC/ WENN]

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