Hayley Mills didn’t understand she won the last Juvenile Oscar– up until it got here on her doorstep

hayley mills - Hayley Mills didn't understand she won the last Juvenile Oscar-- up until it got here on her doorstep

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Hayley Mills had no concept she had actually won an Oscar up until it got here on her doorstep. At 14, the starlet snatched the Academy’s last juvenile award– an unique reward, very first given up 1935, for kid entertainers like Shirley Temple and Judy Garland– for her turn as the constantly bright heroine of Pollyanna Not just did she miss out on the 1961 event, she didn’t recognize it had actually happened at all. “I didn’t know very much about the Oscars,” Mills confesses. “I didn’t know very much about anything, really. So it was all a big surprise.”

Of course, Mills has a much clearer understanding now, at 71, of exactly what her accomplishment implied. Here, she reviews her early profession, the minute she got her Oscar, and where the prize– a mini variation of the statuette– went.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Pollyanna was the very first of 6 functions you made with Walt Disney. Exactly what do you believe now of your efficiencies as a kid star?
HAYLEY MILLS: The bulk of the films that I made when I was a kid [were] extremely well-written. I dealt with fantastic, skilled stars and starlets and exceptional directors. Clearly you aren’t expected to be doing it if you cannot turn in a midway good efficiency with that kind of assistance around you. When kids were more youthful, I began acting at a time. Tv wasn’t such a huge thing, there were no ipods or iphones or computer systems, and we remained residing in our creativities as kids. I do not believe we matured as rapidly. [acting] was simply a brief action from the video games I played, the fictional video games which all kids do.

Do you have any fond memories of your time on Pollyanna?
Making Pollyanna was a fantastic experience. I ‘d made one motion picture prior to in England, and we shot a great deal of it on place in Wales, and it was extremely cold. It was exactly what I recognized with. It was England. And unexpectedly I discovered myself for the very first time in my life in not simply California, however Hollywood, which had a big effect. I existed with my mom and my little bro, and to be on Walt Disney’s studios, that was, you understand, I didn’t truly have that much to compare it with.

We remained in the popular Chateau Marmont hotel in those little cabins and looked down over Sunset Boulevard. I invested the majority of my time I believe in Schwab’s, the drug store, resting on those stools and having ice cream sodas and hot fudge sundaes, and getting brought away by all the comics. Walt Disney took us to Disneyland and we remained there overnight, and my bro who was 9 at the time chose that he wished to reside in Disneyland and we had fantastic trouble dragging him out. California and Hollywood in those days, it was magic for a kid.

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You dealt with Oscar winners on that set, consisting of Jane Wyman (above) and Karl Malden.
I keep in mind Jane Wyman with huge love. She was sweet and warm and kind and charming to me. And Karl Malden utilized to make me laugh a lot. He constantly stated, when we did a scene together, the scene had to do with our 2 noses, due to the fact that I had– and still have [ chuckles]– not the most noble nose in business, and neither did Karl.

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In reality, the very first day on Pollyanna was the scene with Karl Malden on the hill where he’s practicing his preaching, and it was my very first day on this motion picture, and it was extremely hot, and I had this huge bow on the back of my head and a phony plait stuck on. And my boots were stiff and extremely brand-new, and my clothing was scratchy, and all I might consider truly was how frantically I wished to get to the catering truck due to the fact that down the hill, there it was. I ‘d never ever seen such remarkable looking American food, and I was sidetracked to state the least. They didn’t get a single shot in the can in the early morning.

They did ultimately– and you went on to win the juvenile Oscar. At the event, Annette Funicello accepted the prize in your place from Shirley Temple. Do you keep in mind why you could not make it to the program?
I was in fact at boarding school in England, and I didn’t understand anything about it up until it showed up. Like, “Oh, that’s sweet. What’s that?” I was informed, “Well, this is a very special award,” however it was numerous years prior to I started to value exactly what I had.

When did that lastly take place?
It truly wasn’t up until the 75 th Oscar event, where I was among the [former] winners on phase. The drapes parted, and I discovered myself looking out at the Kodak Theatre, and I looked directly at Richard Gere and [Martin] Scorsese, and almost passed out. I believed, “My God, I’m actually a part of this!” I had not ever felt that connection, and it was amazing. My heroes were on that phase with me, and I was thought about to be among their number!

Where is your Oscar now?
I’m extremely humiliated to state this, due to the fact that it looks so negligent, however it has actually vanished. In the late ’80 s, I concerned California to do a tv series [ Good Morning, Miss Bliss] When I returned from that very first year, my little statuette had actually vanished, and I never ever discovered it. And you understand, it’s not something you can change. They’ve broken the mold. I spoke with the Academy, and I stated, “Well, look, give me a big one then!” [ Laughs] They stated, “I’m sorry, it doesn’t work like that.” But I ‘d state for 25 years it was on the mantelpiece in my drawing space, and I was constantly extremely happy with it.

At the time, how did winning the Oscar impact the method you saw your profession? Did it alter the method you saw it at all?
It didn’t alter the method I saw my profession, and possibly that was among the reasons my moms and dads chose A, not to inform me about it, and B, for that reason, not to send me or let me go to the event, due to the fact that I was extremely young … It’s part of their mindset to me when I was a kid, [that] I need to be kept as untouched by the world that I was now relocating as possible. I went off to my boarding school, and when I came back from making a motion picture in Hollywood, I went back to boarding school.

After Pollyanna, you went on to make more hits like The Parent Trap, prior to effectively transitioning into adult parts. You’re now in the Off-Broadway play Party Face Why did you wish to continue acting after being a kid star?
Gosh, I began acting when I was 12, and I was extremely, extremely fortunate to be in fantastic movies, and it set me on a course which I am extremely grateful for. It wasn’t constantly clear to me where I need to go, and where the course was leading. When I began ending up being a teen and after that moving into the their adult years and handling life on extremely, extremely various levels, there were times where it got complicated and I lost my bearings and I didn’t understand who I was was or exactly what I need to do or exactly what parts I need to play or if I need to provide it up completely. When my very first kid was born, I chose that I would provide it up, and I didn’t work for over a year, and after that an extremely fascinating little motion picture occurred and I went, “ Oooh I ‘d love to do that.”

And then I brought my then-1-year-old kid with me on place, and it was unpleasant for him. It remained in the middle of winter season in the north of England, and it drizzled continuously. He was stuck in the trailer, there was mud up to here [ gestures] and [I thought], “What am I doing to my little boy?” [ Laughs] This is exactly what I do, and I recognized that I’m simply, I’m not geared up to do anything else.

I’m great at running out work. [ Laughs] I’ve got 4 grandchildren now, which’s an incredible, incredible experience, and I cannot wait to see them all once again, and that I’m still operating at this age is amazing, you understand? I am so grateful and so stunned that I am still footing the bill by doing this! Every task one does, you discover more and a growing number of, and naturally the paradox is that the older one gets and the more experience you’ve had as a starlet, the much better you get, and the less the parts there are to put all you’ve discovered into them … But, you understand, if you’re still fairly compos mentis and healthy, you have a lot to provide as a star, so I’m extremely fortunate.

Mills is now appearing off-Broadway in Party Face on Stage II at City Center through Apr 8, 2018.

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