HBO is sorry for stating Big Little Lies cast needs ‘raped’ network

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An HBO executive states she regrets her option of words when talking about the renewal of Big Little Lies

Francesca Orsi, HBO’s senior VP of drama, was on a panel in Jerusalem at the INTV Conference when she recommended that the star-filled cast’s income needs “raped” the network.

” From a budget plan perspective, entering into season 2 of Big Little Lies with no alternatives in location, we’ve been … um … except raped,” she stated inning accordance with Deadline ( maybe implying “ sort of raped”?).

Orsi has actually launched this declaration gotten by EW: ” Obviously, I am humiliated by my bad option of words. We are exceptionally happy with Big Little Lies and thrilled for the 2nd season.”

Here’s the backstory on this: Big Little Lies was initially commissioned as a restricted series that aired in2017 After producing honor and significant love from the Emmys, HBO chose to turn it into a series (or at least, purchase a 2nd season). The only issue: They had actually just commissioned the cast and manufacturers– consisting of stars Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Laura Dern– for the minimal series. The network had to go back and make brand new offers with the cast, who now had significant utilize over the network, provided the program’s appeal. Hence HBO executives might have felt they were taken for a flight at the negotiating table … which would have been a far less questionable method to reveal it.

Big Little Lies is anticipated to return in 2019.

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