‘Homeland’ Season 7 Takes on Fake News and a Government at War with Itself

homeland season 7 image 1 - ‘Homeland’ Season 7 Takes on Fake News and a Government at War with Itself


How do you enhance the drama of the United States federal government when that federal government has ended up being a strange circus of its own? Satirical TELEVISION programs have actually had a hard sufficient time discovering their location in a political environment that appears to be lampooning itself, however to be a drama fictionalizing major, underlying governmental problems is a practically difficult tightrope to stroll. Showtime’s Homeland has actually constantly looked for to feel topical, whether in concentrating on homegrown terrorists, company in-fighting, Wikileaks-like information discards, or CIA cooperations with foreign revolutionaries. In its seventh season, which kicks off nearly precisely where things left off in Season 6, the series looks for to keep significance while likewise turning the script, leading to a complicated start.

Showtime just launched one episode of the upcoming season for evaluation, which recommends there are numerous weaves awaiting us on the other side. Exactly what is clear in that opening hour is that in the wake of an attack on her life, President Keane ( Elizabeth Marvel) has actually cleaned up home and imprisoned federal staff members, ending up being significantly paranoid and calling for extreme actions versus the plotters. Is she incorrect to do so, after a a stopped working military coup? Possibly not, however Homeland sets her up as an opponent of her own federal government, as far as Carrie ( Claire Danes) is worried. It keeps Carrie on the outs (per typical), in spite of her efforts to restore gain access to by guaranteeing a senator that she’ll provide an informant who has no desire or intent to speak. To paraphrase her tired sis, there’s when again a huge federal government conspiracy that just she (Carrie) can stop.


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That sort of self-aware line can work, because the program desires us to think Carrie and be on her side. But, it likewise later on tries to unjustly question her through her sis raising her possible mania. Homeland has constantly had a rare relationship with Carrie’s mental disorder– it can often be a superpower (where she can see connections nobody else can when she’s in an active manic state), however it has the tendency to go and come in service of the plot instead of her development as a character. But, this season appears to be thinking about an extremely reasonable take in concerns to how anybody operates sanely in exactly what feels significantly like a ridiculous world.

One of the most fascinating, and perhaps unfortunate, concepts that Season 7 tinkers with in its best is staying up to date with the program’s unpleasant Alex Jones-like character Brett O’Keefe ( Jake Weber), who continues to acquire grassroots support even while on the run from U.S. Marshals. Regardless of being a spin medical professional and peddler of phony news, O’Keefe (in spite of some questionable declarations– both within the world of the program and in the bigger context of assaulting female leaders) does basically inform the reality to his audiences in this very first hour. Is he being established as a possible ally for Carrie, as somebody to whom she can leakage details about prohibited detentions that Keane and others aren’t ready to acknowledge or resolve?

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