How Lupita Nyong’ o’s Hairstylist Styles Natural Hair Textures

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“My girl Lupita is a true representation of a woman who is unapologetic about exploring the greatness of her hair texture.”

We can thank celeb hair stylist Vernon François for a lot of the natural hairdos we see on the red carpet today. With customers Lupita Nyong’ o, Wrinkle in Time star Storm Reid, Susan Kelechi Watson, Serena Williams and Willow Smith, the charm specialist has actually produced distinct hairdos that exposes the magnificence of everyone’s natural hair texture.

For those that he cannot touch personally, he hopes that his work will stimulate discussions about hair and push ladies to welcome their natural curl pattern. His designs are inspiring, however he likewise acknowledges that for numerous, the journey to constant and healthy curls can be a tough procedure, psychologically, physically and mentally.

” One of the crucial things that truly assists somebody acknowledge their real charm through their hair texture is simply perseverance,” he stated twisting a design’s hair with his name charm items at dpHUE House. “Discipline really goes a long way!”

No matter where you remain in your hair journey, the hair pro has a method to immediately take your curls from dull to fab. Take a look at the best ways to finger coil in the video above and the actions listed below!

Step 1: Cut away harmed hair by keeping in mind where the curl naturally ends. Make certain your hair is dry.

Step 2: Apply Vernon Francios Leave-In Conditioner to a little area of hair.

Step 3: Wrap that little area around your finger, leaving the root reasonably loose.

Step 4: Repeat actions 2 and 3 till you’ve finger coiled all the hair.

Step 5: Diffuse hair on medium heat. Pro idea: Flip hair from side to side as you’re diffusing, however keep the diffuser reasonably still.

Step 6: Unravel diffused hair by splitting each curl into 3 or 4 specific curls.

Step 7: Cut off any staying dead ends.

Step 8: Style by making a side part and tucking back one side with a hairpin.

Now, your curls are poppin’!

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