How well do you know Harry Potter, the person?

harry potter 1 - How well do you know Harry Potter, the person?

Harry Potter has spent July 31 many different ways: Stuck with the Dursleys in a hut on a rock in the middle of the sea; trying to convince an uninvited Dobby to leave Privet Drive; doing his homework in secret in the middle of the night while hiding under the covers; trying to ignore cruel comments from his horrible Aunt Marge. Historically, it hasn’t always been a great day for him. But it’s his birthday, and today, we celebrate another year of one of the greatest fictional characters of all time.

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In honor of Harry’s birthday, we’ve made a quiz by which you can test your knowledge of the boy wizard — not the beloved and bestselling series of books about him, but the man himself. Find out how well you know Harry James Potter, ahead.

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