Huge Brother: Celebrity Edition Addresses Donald Trump and Bill Cosby and We Are Hooked On This Show

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Tonight on Big Brother, Omarosa reacted to Keshia Knight Pulliam‘s criticism of her politics by comparing her assistance of Donald Trump to Keshia’s assistance of Bill Cosby, and we simply do unknown exactly what to do any longer.

How did Shannon simply being in that space, paying attention to Omarosa speak on Bill Cosby’s effect on the black neighborhood and inform Keshia that there’s no distinction in their questionable assistance of public figures? And how was Shannon still so worried about her dumb function as HoH when these wild discussions were going on?

Eye on the ball, Shannon! Eye on the ball!

We get that’s how the video game is played, and to be reasonable to Shannon, she was doing a respectable task. The guys were likewise doing a quite bad task. The ladies had the numbers, and the people were doing their finest to flatter them, however they kept stating dumb things.

Mark McGrath informed Shannon she was among his most significant risks in your house (automated thing you never ever inform a Head of Household!) and Chuck verified that he was dealing with Mark, James, and Metta while Ross was on the women’ group.

Shannon meant to obtain rid of James, up until Metta came pleading to be set up for expulsion due to the fact that he misses his other half. Shannon still meant to obtain rid of James, however it was great to understand Metta wasn’t in this to win it.

Outside, Ross took a seat with Omarosa to have the most engaging whispered discussion we may have ever heard. CBS launched the clip previously today, however essentially Omarosa discussed that she took the task in the White House due to the fact that she felt a task to the nation, however she was haunted by tweets every day.

When Ross asked if she would choose Trump once again, she stated “God no, never, in a million years, never” through tears.

If this is genuine, damn. Likewise damn if this isn’t really genuine. This female still understands the best ways to take charge on truth TELEVISION even when she’s not in charge.

How was Ross Matthews not losing his mind?

Anyway, there was still the video game to be played, and there was the present bag twist to handle.

When the picture of the present bag appeared on the screen, anybody who wished to open theirs needed to line up outside the journal space and state that they wished to open it. They would then get to open it at the election event.

If more than a single person asked to open their bag, a random draw would choose who would do it. The strategy was for all the ladies to offer to open their bags to keep the women + Ross alliance safe, to minimize the people’ opportunities.

Keshia wound up getting to open hers and ended up being HoH, and she stuck to the strategy to choose James and Chuck (given that Chuck broke the guarantee not to utilize his bag). Aaand now we need to wait up until tomorrow to discover who wins the Power of Veto which celeb goes house initially.

Please, let it be James. Please. And please let this program continue to be this oddly great.

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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