‘I Won’t Be Silenced’: Aly Raisman Says Speaking Out About Abuse Is Giving Her Strength!

aly raisman people interview  oPt - 'I Won't Be Silenced': Aly Raisman Says Speaking Out About Abuse Is Giving Her Strength!

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It’s still challenging for numerous victims of sexual assault and misbehavior to come forward, however Aly Raisman is standing high as an example of exactly what good can come of it.

The Olympian states speaking straight to Larry Nassar in court last month was completely empowering.

Video: Father LUNGES At Larry Nassar In Court!

She informed People in a brand-new interview:

“I felt very strong. I felt like I had so much I wanted to say.”

While it isn’t really simple, Aly thinks it’s a vital action:

“You never really want to say, ‘I was sexually abused,’ but you have to process it. You can’t push it aside forever, which is what I did for a long time. I’m still processing it and coping with it.”

The most significant part of that coping is being outspoken, about exactly what occurred and who’s accountable:

“You lose a part of yourself when you’re abused. I lost a part of myself, and I’m getting it back by speaking out… I’m just starting to realize how strong I am, and I won’t be silenced.”

Damn straight.

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