Icarus director calls Russian Olympic involvement ‘a slap in the face’ to tidy professional athletes

bryan fogel - Icarus director calls Russian Olympic involvement 'a slap in the face' to tidy professional athletes

Icarus director Bryan Fogel has a lot to state about the loophole that has actually enabled Russian professional athletes to take part in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

An amateur bicyclist himself, Fogel started his now-infamous doping documentary as a first-person examination into using performance-enhancing drugs in sports, however ultimately stumbled onto Russia’s comprehensive state-sanctioned doping program, which just recently got the nation prohibited from the Pyeongchang Olympics.

Russian professional athletes, nevertheless, can still complete if they use a neutral uniform and do not formally represent Russia. Any medals won will not be credited to Russia. As Fogel put it to EW while strolling the red carpet at the Director’s Guild of America Awards last Saturday, “Russia’s been banned from the Olympics technically, but of course, within the corruption of the IOC, they’ve found their ways creatively around this ban to allow Russia in the Olympics.”

He included, “It’s a slap in the face to every clean athlete in the world to basically punish a fraud of this magnitude that was going on for 30 years with what is really, in effect, a slap on the wrist.” Fogel stated he hoped this reaction would provoke tidy professional athletes to boycott the video games, however no such action was taken.

Still, he’s positive the documentary will have enduring impacts on worldwide sporting occasions. “I’m hoping at these games there will be a lot of discussion about that, and that in the future this will be the last conspiracy that is uncovered in this regard,” he stated.

Fogel likewise made the effort to talk about disgraced bicyclist Lance Armstrong’s appreciation for Icarus. “ On the very first part of the journey of the movie, I was wishing to reveal that he was a needle in the international haystack of doping and sport. I might have never ever pictured where the story was going to end, which it would really in fact show that to be the case,” Fogel stated. “But I was very happy that Lance had the reaction that he did because it helped to further validate the film that somebody of his stature, love him or hate him, was impacted and moved by the film and went so far as to even publicly come forward to praise the film.”

Icarus remains in the running for an Academy Award for finest documentary. The Winter Olympics start tonight on NBC.

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