Inside the 2018 Writers Guild Awards: “Get Out There and Dream!”

Jordan Peele, 2018 Writers Guild Awards

Charley Gallay/Getty Images for 2018 Writers Guild Awards L.A. Ceremony

“Get out there and dream!”

That was Dustin Lance Black‘s plea to the audience Sunday night as he accepted the WGAW’s Valentine Davies Award for his social advocacy and effect on the LGBTQ neighborhood at the 2018 Writers Guild Awards. Obviously, the Oscar-winning author was not the only honoree at this year’s event. The season’s most renowned authors, from Get Out‘s Jordan Peele to the authors of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, headed house with silver statues for their cherished deal with the little and huge screens this year.

Attendees had a good time, too, as Patton Oswalt led the night as the event’s amusing host. As he quipped at the start, ” I’m your host Patton Oswalt, or as Guillermo Del Toro puts me, The Shape of Pudding.”

“I am very, very happy to be back here hosting the WGA Awards. I would do this every year if you asked me,” he informed the audience. “And I hope I’m not about to woke myself out of a job for a while, but given the current atmosphere—maybe get a female host next year.”

While the night had to do with the authors, the program might not go on without resolving the present environment in Hollywood with the aid of a couple of quips.

“I was actually up for the lead,” speaker Minnie Driver joked of Call Me by Your Name “I campaigned and didn’t get it because you know—sexism.”

Meanwhile, comic Wanda Sykes might have simply released a governmental project for Grammy candidate Cardi B “Ever since Oprah made the speech at the Golden Globes, now every time a black woman gets up on stage you’re expecting some uplifting speech that makes you think, ‘Boy, she’s running for president!'” Sykes joked prior to providing among the awards. “Well, guess what? A new day is on the horizon and I’m here to announce Cardi B in 2020!”

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