Is Metta World Peace the worst Big Brother gamer ever?

metta world peace cbb - Is Metta World Peace the worst Big Brother gamer ever?

True story: I saw Metta World Peace on the street as soon as. He was simply strolling down 48 th street in Midtown Manhattan by himself. It took me a minute to position the face, however then I understood whom it was. Equipped with this understanding, exactly what was my next relocation? I did exactly what any moron would do: I continued to state his name back to him for no factor whatsoever. “Metta World Peace!” I shouted, as if he was uninformed of his own name.

It was actually the dumbest thing I might have done. Here’s the thing, MWP was super-cool about it. I was simply preparing to shout a celeb’s name, snap an out-of-focus image, and be on my method, however HE strolled over to ME, shook my hand, and wished to chat. I was so tense by this, and, having plainly currently stopped working the very first time at interaction and fearing a likewise humiliating follow-up, I simply cut my losses and kept moving– keeping our contact to a short exchange of pleasantries.

But after the embarassment of a pitiful celeb encounter wore away, I was struck by how down to earth he was– specifically for a man whose most notorious minute was assisting prompt a brawl with fans in exactly what ended up being called “the Malice at the Palace.” What I did unknown then– however do now– is that he likewise did not have the faintest concept ways to play Big Brother

Due to the fact that I can ensure you he was blissfully uninformed back then that Big Brother even existed,

He didn’t understand it either. And I have yet to be persuaded he knows its presence even now, as he is playing it. The thing about it is, Metta World Peace’s obliviousness on Celebrity Big Brother is not just extremely amusing, it is strangely capitivating.

How bad is Metta World Peace at this video game? Let us count the methods! The very first method is laid bare by the reality that I am unsure that MWP even recognizes he is PLAYING a video game. Anytime anybody tries to talk method with the previous NBA champ and protective gamer of the year, he appears like a cross in between baffled and dazed. He had no concept one gamer might make an (albeit unenforceable) handle another gamer throughout an obstacle, was flummoxed by the idea of “backdooring someone”– which, to be reasonable, does seem like a completely various thing when outside the Big Brother home– then, in his pièce de résistance, wrongly elected Chuck Liddell to be forced out from your house, believing he was in fact choosing him to remain (Commence remarkable sluggish clap now.)

Due to the fact that he himself cannot choose if he desires to be there,

Maybe Metta was simply puzzled about the entire go-or-stay thing. Simply a couple of days into the video game he was all set to give up and asked Shannon Elizabeth to obtain rid of him, however she had other targets in mind. Inning accordance with live-feed audiences, Mr. Peace has actually two times attempted to leave your house– even presuming regarding strike some sort of “emergency button” (which seems like something my partner presses each time I firmly insist in seeing this program)– however was persuaded by manufacturers to stick it out. The last time I switched on the live feed, Metta invested 10 minutes cuddling a packed owl, which, given, is not almost as odd as costs 10 minutes seeing somebody cuddle a packed owl.

So is Metta World Peace the worst Big Brother gamer ever? Well, there have actually been some epically dreadful relocations made throughout the years– Marcellas Reynolds decreasing to utilize the veto on himself in Big Brother 3 and immediately being voted out ranks right up there– however Metta does not in fact make missteps; he simply does not make any relocations at all. Naturally, MWP is far from the very first apparently indifferent gamer to get in your house. There have actually been lots of others who appeared more worried with their showmance, airtime, or agreeing everyone than playing the video game.

And when it pertains to a social video game, there have actually been a multitude of candidates that were so blatantly unlikable you questioned if individuals would award them the half-million dollars to leave Metta is simply the opposite– he’s extremely pleasant. Everybody in your house appears to believe he’s favorably swell.

However, when it pertains to a total absence of understanding about the video game, MWP is genuinely in a league of his own. That’s not to state everybody who plays Big Brother is a super-fan. Generally the network offers Links or dvds to previous seasons for a gamer to see prior to they play so they have at least a working understanding of how the video game is played. Mr. Peace, nevertheless, plainly never ever troubled to see a single episode prior to strolling in– and it’s type of incredible.

Even host Julie Chen appears mesmerized by Metta’s Bizarro World look– which has actually likewise consisted of staging a swimming pool battle in between inflatable flamingos. “Does he understand he’s on Big Brother?” asked Chen in our current Q&A. “And has he ever seen the show? Apparently not. That being said, he makes me laugh! There is a giant childlike sweet quality about him. Quite frankly, he doesn’t care if he wins or loses competitions, or even the game. That has to be something to be admired. When you don’t care, people can flock to you and give you more power than you deserve. Maybe that’s his strategy. But I don’t think so. I think he just lives in his own world, and I’m good with that. He is fun to watch because of it.”

If Metta World Peace might in some way ride that cluelessness all the method to triumph,

The only thing that would be any more enjoyable would be. And if he can stop himself from in fact giving up, it simply might take place. No one is most likely to ever consider him a risk, so if the very best gamers keep taking each other out and MWP in some way discovers himself at the end, Big Brother‘s worst gamer ever might becomes its next champ. Hey, you understand exactly what they state on this program– anticipate the unanticipated.

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