Is Taylor Swift Building Her Own Winchester Mystery House? I Say Yes

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Taylor Swift currently owns a huge Tribeca penthouse however she’s apparently purchasing much more New York realty nearby for unidentified factors. Factors that I think are straight associated with ghosts.

Curbed reports that Swift purchased another two-story system in the 155 Franklin Street structure where she owns the penthouse. And she likewise bought a townhouse right beside her structure at 153 Franklin Street, which implies she owns $50 million worth of realty on the block alone. Exactly what in the world is she doing with all of that area? A tipster hypothesized to Tribeca Citizen that she may break through the townhouse to link the systems, despite the fact that that would be hard.

Personally, I believe she’s constructing her own NYC-based Winchester Mystery home. Hear me out.

If you do not know exactly what the Winchester Mystery home is, aside from the topic of a film starring Helen Mirren that no one is visiting: it’s a San Jose-based estate that has a strange history. It utilized to be the house of Sarah Winchester who acquired over $20 million in the 1880 s after her spouse, beneficiary to a popular rifle producer, passed away. In 1886 she bought a little California farmhouse and started to remodel it for the next 36 years, ultimately turning it into an estate that boasted over 160 spaces, 40 bed rooms, 10,000 windows, and 2 basements.


But the estate is likewise sort of a mindfuck. You cannot even stroll through a few of the doors, and if you stroll through a few of them they lead you to no place, like a 15 foot drop into the garden. Staircases cause ceilings, windows are constructed into floorings, some spaces are absolutely sealed. Since she was horrified of the ghosts she thought were haunting her household, the story goes that Winchester constructed the home this method. A medium apparently informed her that she would be haunted by the ghosts of Winchester rifle victims unless she constructed a home to puzzle them. Since absolutely nothing puzzles a ghost more than a strange set of phony stairs!

Which leads me to Taylor. The woman enjoys estates (simply look at her Rhode Island house) however she likewise thinks in ghosts. “You say sorry just for show,” she cautioned (to perhaps Katy Perry) on “Bad Blood.” “If you live like that, you live with ghosts.” She likewise metaphorically eliminated and reanimated herself this year. We’ve hardly seen her this album cycle beyond a couple of marketing efficiencies. Swift is the most reclusive she’s ever been and has the most “enemies” thusfar in her profession, as she honestly confessed on Reputation Woman’s got ghosts!

Wouldn’t it make best sense, then, that she ‘d construct a massive, high-end Manhattan labyrinth of an estate to avoid paparazzi, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and whoever else might be haunting her mind? Simply envision it: you’re a ghost delicately strolling down one attractive penthouse corridor seeking to alarm Taylor Swift and possibly drag her back to the afterlife. You cannot get there, since you’ve fallen through a trap door into a sealed-off space embellished solely with images of her and Karlie Kloss’ 2015 Vogue shoot.



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