Jake Paul Weighs In On Gun Control(!?) With A Serious Video Interviewing Parkland Survivors & & Marco Rubio!

jake paul gun violence youtube video  oPt - Jake Paul Weighs In On Gun Control(!?) With A Serious Video Interviewing Parkland Survivors & & Marco Rubio!

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Gun reform has actually been a trending subject since the wake of the Parkland school shooting, a disaster that brought a handful of its telegenic teenager survivors to the leading edge of the media.

As this motion acquires momentum, there are causal sequences that the more negative observers need to sustain for the sake of the broadening discussion– like, for instance, Jake Paul going from a douche-bro YouTube prankster to douche-bro weapon control activist.

The vlogger, best understood for irritating his next-door neighbors to the point of a civil claim, chose to take on the major topic of school shootings in a brand-new, Barbara Walters exclusive-style video.

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Sure, we ‘d anticipate a boy of his quality to claim he would have run in unarmed to conserve the trainees, or pitch the concept of equipping instructors (nope, that’s simply our dumbass president!), however rather, Paul in fact decreased to Florida to talk with the Parkland survivors, regional authorities, as well as Senator Marco Rubio

While the 21- year-old didn’t precisely bring the fire to his interviews– his hardest striking concern to Rubio was, “Can you explain some of the struggles around passing laws?”– he in fact broke down the 5 points he thinks are crucial to repairing this fatal problem.

One point of real worth is increased action from social networks business, which, inning accordance with Jake, ought to take more obligation for desensitizing weapon associated images on social networks. As he described:

” If a woman posts an image with her nipples out it instantly gets flagged and gotten rid of from Instagram and like, reported under a system. Why cannot we have that very same innovation with a kid taking a selfie with a pistol or a kid in a video killing animals. That ought to turn up on somebody’s radar and business ought to have the ethical obligation to include that to their flagging systems.”

Uh … that’s in fact a fantastic concept?

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Paul’s other 4 points were not as focused and ingenious around increasing school security: including bulletproof windows, increased cops existence, check-in points, and bulletproof knapsack inserts for kids.

Hours after the almost 22- minute video was released, Paul clarified his main five-point suggestions for weapon reform on Twitter:

Roll your eyes if you must, however this crisis vlogger is utilizing his platform to go over an essential subject! He’s doing much less damage than Logan “suicide forest” Paul

Watch the video (listed below):

[ Image through YouTube]

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