James Bond branded ‘flat out rapist’ by upset millennials

James Bond Tatiana Romanova 677342 - James Bond branded 'flat out rapist' by upset millennials

James Bond: From Russia With Love ALLSTAR

UPSET YOUNGSTERS: James Bond & Tatiana Romanova’s sex scene appears is excessive for some

Sensitive millennials more acquainted with Daniel Craig have actually knocked the Bonds of Sean Connery and Roger Moore as racist and sexist.

Connery’s renowned Bond was blasted for his “sexually aggressive” seduction strategies.

One Twitter user stated: “Sean Connery’s James Bond is a flat out rapist.”

Another included: “Watching old school Sean Connery James Bond movies. He’s basically a rapist who occasionally murders a Russian person.”

Others stated Ian Fleming’s much-loved character was a “scumbag” and a “sexist wife-beater”.

“He’s basically a rapist who occasionally murders a Russian person”

Twitter user

But it wasn’t simply 007’s womanising that upset more youthful audiences.

One composed: “Watching The Man With The Golden Gun and good lordddd thefact that they thought the hyper-racist sheriff character was a fun/wacky presence to bring back speaks volumes.”

The row follows more youthful Brits were upset by the 1990 s comedy Friends, calling it “transphobic”, “homophobic” and sexist when it was streamed on Netflix.

But one tweeted: “If the millennials think Friends is sexist they should watch James Bond A View to Kill they will go nuts.”

Roger Moore in The Man With The Golden Gun THE KOBAL COLLECTION

LADIES MAN: Sir Roger Moore in The male with the Golden Gun

Even modern-day Bond has actually come under fire.

Fans declared to be “traumatised” by Craig’s 007 strolling into a shower unwanted and romping with a woman in Skyfall.

But The World of James Bond historian Jeremy Black stated: “Bond was a very modern man for the 1950s. He admires women who offer sex, femininity and masculinity. His women are independent and driven.”


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