Jennifer Aniston Slammed Over Marriage Split

jennifer aniston slammed forsplit star - Jennifer Aniston Slammed Over Marriage Split

Jennifer Aniston‘s one-time BFF Chelsea Handler is rubbing salt in the injuries of her split from Justin Theroux, stating she brought it on herself, a source claims.

“Chelsea didn’t think much of Justin, but she said from the get-go that Jen would need to readjust her expectations and treatment of him if they were to stand a chance,” a source claims

Handler has actually been understood for “not holding back on this stuff,” which was a primary reason Aniston cut her loose as a good friend who she considered spiteful and unsupportive, the expert exposed.

“But Chelsea’s feeling pretty smug and ‘I told you so’ about it now, to the point where she feels she’s owed an apology.”

As fans understand, Handler, 42, has actually been infamous in Hollywood for double-crossing her Tinseltown buddy.

The blonde amusing gal burned a major bridge with Aniston, 49, ruining their years-long relationship and getting avoided from their circle of star buddies.

Aniston ended her years-long relationship with Handler after she found she was spilling tricks about her now stopped working marital relationship to Justin Theroux, who she called it stops with on February 15, 2018.

Bot it’s reported Jen is dumping her diet plans for desserts after her bombshell split from Justin Theroux

The starlet partnered with long time buddy Courteney Cox after the heartbreak and the 2 were indulging almost every night on bottles of alcohol and ice cream binges.

“Courteney has always been there for Jen during the tough times, and was the first person she turned to when her marriage broke down,” stated a source.

“They’ve been spending a lot of nights together talking it over with a couple of bottles of wine and a pint of ice cream.”

As fans understand, Aniston, 49, is understood to be ultra-cautious about exactly what she consumes and consumes, however experts expose “she couldn’t care less right now.”

” She’s not working and is investing practically all her spare time with Courteney at this moment.

Courteney understands it’s going to take Jen a while to grieve this relationship.”

As fans understand, the couple called it stops on February 15, 2018 after just 2 years of marital relationship.

Aniston and Theroux got married in August 2015 in a personal event at their Bel Air house.

This was Aniston’s 2nd marital relationship, her very first, to Brad Pitt, ended quickly prior to her birthday in 2005 after he began a love with Angelina Jolie

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