Jennifer Lawrence’s In-Flight Performance Receives Mixed Reviews

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Jennifer Lawrence is not a Philadelphia local, however she won an Oscar for playing one in Silver Linings Playbook. S o I think that was a sufficient factor for flight attendants on a Sunday flight from New Orleans to Los Angeles to provide her control of the plane’s PA system.

In a video published to Twitter, Lawrence can be seen getting the microphone– generally booked for safety belt statements and enjoy tunes to Drew Barrymore– and attempting to launch an Eagles chant.

“This is not the pilot speaking. This is Jennifer Lawrence,” she states to the tired guests. “It’s February 4, Super Bowl Sunday, and we all know what that means. Can I please get a ‘Fly, Eagles, Fly’?”

Despite her interest, the chant she starts does not truly take. As the video camera pans throughout the cabin, we hear a couple of voices signing up with Lawrence’s pro-Eagles screen, however the bulk seem unamused, baffled, or asleep.

This individual is believing, “Isn’t this an FAA violation? If not, can it be?”


This individual is believing, “I disliked Passengers

But others appeared to take pleasure in the enjoyable little minute! Here’s somebody who’s most likely believing, “Awww, this is great! I love Emma Stone!”


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