John Conyers’ Son and Congressional Heir Apparent Arrested for Felony Domestic Violence

John Conyers Son and Heir Apparent Arrested for Felony Domestic Violence

1206 john conyers iii getty 4 - John Conyers' Son and Congressional Heir Apparent Arrested for Felony Domestic Violence John Conyers‘ boy– the one he wishes to change him in Congress– was apprehended this year for felony domestic violence … TMZ has actually found out.

John Conyers III got in a battle with his sweetheart on February 15,2017 Police sources inform us he implicated her of unfaithful after going through her computer system at around 2 AM. The argument apparently intensified into physical violence … she informed police officers John body knocked her on her bed and on the flooring, pinned her down and spit on her. She states she attempted calling the police officers, however he took her phone.

The female declares he then chased her into her kitchen area where she got a 10- inch knife to secure herself, purchasing him to leave your house.

She states he got the knife then swung at her twice, stabbing her, cutting her ideal bicep which needed 3 stitches. She states he then chased her back into the bed room, pinned her versus the bed and slapped her.

They both called 911 when police officers came John declared she pulled a knife on him and, when he got it to secure himself, he inadvertently stabbed her.

Cops took a look at the female’s injuries then apprehended John for felony domestic violence. The female was required to the healthcare facility.

The L.A. County D.A. decreased to prosecute John … partially since there were no witnesses and partially since district attorneys could not show beyond an affordable doubt the stabbing wasn’t a mishap.

We connected to John, who resides in Michigan, for his side of the story, however up until now no word back.

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