John Oliver compares Alex Jones to Coach Taylor with ‘a nasty PCP habit’

johnolver - John Oliver compares Alex Jones to Coach Taylor with 'a nasty PCP habit'

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Infowars host Alex Jones is most known for pushing his often harmful conspiracy theories, the most famous being his claim that the 2012 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School were a hoax — and, apparently, he’s also known for pushing his products, as John Oliver recently found.

Oliver spotlighted Jones on Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight by first playing some clips from Infowars of Jones getting, in Oliver’s words, “charged up.” After showing Jones getting particularly riled up — yelling things like “Crush those who would hurt the innocent! Go after the enemy! Build a civilization!” — Oliver quipped, “At least now we know what Friday Night Lights would have looked like if they had given Coach Taylor a nasty PCP habit.”

He then went on to point out that President Donald Trump has appeared on Jones’ show and counts himself a fan before revealing that, after looking at a week’s worth of Infowars episodes, Oliver and his team found that Jones spent nearly a quarter of the time talking about or playing ads for his products and directing viewers to the Infowars store, which includes products like a “Bill Clinton rape whistle” that comes with a free “9-11 Was an Inside Job” bumper sticker.

“If you have never gone shopping on Infowars,” Oliver said, “you’re in for whatever the exact opposite of a treat is.”

Last Week Tonight bought a variety of products from the site — including a formula made with “chicken collagen” and that aforementioned whistle — and tested them out on the show. Watch that, along with more of his musings on Jones, above.

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