John Oliver Goes Rip Shit On Alex Jones! (He’s Been Off The Air Too Long!)

0 - John Oliver Goes Rip Shit On Alex Jones! (He's Been Off The Air Too Long!)

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John Oliver hasn’t been on the air in a few weeks, but he has NOT been on vacation!

Apart from being involved in a real lawsuit over his ridiculous squirrel bit, the Last Week Tonight host has been hard at work with his writing staff creating some of the most killer segments yet.

The first top story is about Alex Jones, the host of right wing conspiracy theory show InfoWars. You know, the one who says 9/11 was an inside job, the government is putting chemicals in the water to make frogs gay, and the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax perpetrated by Barack Obama.

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Sadly, Jones also has Donald Trump (Ivanka Dresses)‘s ear, which makes his crazy ass ridiculously dangerous at the moment. So Oliver decided to take him down — with his own products.

Aside from that main story, Last Week Tonight actually covered the last week, including the president’s horrible stance on transgender military personnel and new White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci‘s “suck my own cock” comments (below)!

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