Julie Chen states Celebrity Big Brother could end up being a yearly occasion

111805 d046 - Julie Chen states Celebrity Big Brother could end up being a yearly occasion

Could what started as counter-programming to the Olympics wind up as a yearly occasion? That’s exactly what executives at CBS need to be asking themselves in the wake of the strong rankings published by Celebrity Big Brother over the previous 2 weeks. The shortened star installation of the summertime competitors series has actually been balancing more than 5 million audiences versus the rankings juggernaut that is PyeongChang.

This is not the very first time CBS has actually pressed back the Survivor best date a couple of weeks for another truth entry. In 2015, the network debuted Hunted in late January, however the fugitive hunter competitors series shed audiences each and every single episode. Could the stable Celebrity Big Brother— presently a struck with fans and publishing healthy numbers versus the Olympics while enabling the network to reduce repeats of other programs– be a long-term option, or would its multiple-nights-a-week airing format cause excessive scheduling turmoil for other CBS programs? We asked host Julie Chen about that and other current occasions in the Celebrity Big Brother home.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: The just-evicted Metta– who asked everybody to vote him out– had actually spoken about wishing to leave the video game practically as quickly as it started. Do you believe his head was ever genuinely in it?
JULIE CHEN: I do not believe Metta’s head was ever truly in the video game. He slept a lot and didn’t method anybody ever with a strategy. He mored than happy to support a strategy if asked and if he liked you. Other than that, I believe with him missing his household and it not being a type of competitors he is utilized to playing and beating his challengers, he didn’t understand exactly what to do with himself. This is not his kind of video game. That being stated, he was enjoyable to obtain to understand through the eyes of our video camera and I am now a fan.

Which of the 3 veto alternatives– the Spotlight, the VIP, and the Diamond– would you have elected and why?
I would have selected the very same VIP veto since it was the most intriguing and had the possible to shock the video game one of the most. I indicate, Spotlight was intriguing however if you didn’t like it, you might toss the competitors. Diamond was my 2nd favorite of the 3, however once again, if you win it, you get blood on your hands. Once again, you can toss it if you do not wish to win it and be required to put somebody in the crosshairs.

Who in this video game is no bite and all bark– indicating they talk a huge video game in the Diary Room however then do not in fact head out and do anything or make any huge relocations?
Mark is no bite and all talk. At least his talk is intriguing. He offers great noise bites in the Diary Room and he has a common sense of the video game and exactly what’s going on in your house. Why should he play hard? He does not have to today. We will see exactly what he’s truly made of in terms of being a player … or not if push comes to push.

Fans have actually been digging the star edition and rankings have actually been strong taking on the Olympics. Could we see a yearly star installation every winter season?
I would not rule it out! Who understands? It’s certainly possible. With these rankings, it did exactly what we hoped instead of running repeats of the present slate of programs. All of it depends how well all the programs on the air are doing. Do not forget, B.B. takes up a lot of genuine estate on the prime-time schedule. We are utilized to having at least 3 nights to air in a week. CBS is understood for having a strong schedule of programs all year so it’s difficult to state today exactly what will occur next winter season.

Finally, you currently broke my heart by stating we will not see the Zingbot this season, however might there be an OTEV sighting in our future?
I enjoy me some OTEV too! I have not asked our competitors department if they have it up their sleeve. I will state with the weather condition being so cold in L.A. this entire week (we had snow and hail today for Pete’s sake!) … OTEV appears abnormally indicate. I understand these extremely fans in there right now desire the complete experience. They honestly requested Slop! Remain tuned!!!

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