Justin Bieber & & Selena Gomez’s ‘Break’ Isn’t Momma Mandy Teefey’s Fault– The Duo ‘Have Their Own Issues’!

mandy teefey not responsible jelena break  oPt - Justin Bieber & & Selena Gomez's 'Break' Isn't Momma Mandy Teefey's Fault-- The Duo 'Have Their Own Issues'!

mandy teefey not responsible jelena break


Selena Gomez‘s mother might not be to blame for the Wolves songstress and Justin Bieber‘s current “break.” As we formerly reported, those near to Jelena mentioned Mandy Teefey‘s sensations towards The Biebs as the primary factor the twosome struck the time out button on their revived love.

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Well, prior to Jelena carriers begin honing their pitchforks, another expert has actually pertained to Miz Teefey’s defense. Obviously, Selly and Justin are relaxing as they’re still resolving their “own issues.” The tipster discussed to People:

“They’re not on a break because of her relationship with her mom. They have their own issues and are always on and off. She wouldn’t base her relationship off of what her mom thinks.”

Still, previously this year, Mandy confessed that she wasn’t delighted about Selena reclaiming Justin. She kept in mind that all she desires is for her child to be “happy, safe, and healthy.”

And it appears that Gomez is putting her psychological health initially, as she and Bieber chose to take a break after experiencing some relationship lows. The confidant shared:

“They’ve been having disagreements, but it wouldn’t be surprising if they’re back together in a week.”

At the end of the day, there is an indisputable chemistry in between these 2 pop stars. When it comes to where Selena stands with her mommy?? It’s stated they’re back in contact after an estrangement. The source included:

“They didn’t talk for a while. They’re not hanging out together, but they’ve been communicating.”

Well we’re delighted to hear this! Blood is thicker than water, ideal???

We simply desire Selena to do exactly what’s finest for her. * Hugs *

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